Bluetooth Trackers Can Be Useful But They Cannot Replace GPS Trackers

submitted 1 year ago by aladdincruz to science

Bluetooth trackers appeared a few years ago, after Bluetooth technology incorporated low energy mode, allowing a simple Bluetooth-enabled device to work for a long time while being equipped with a small battery. With Bluetooth low energy mode, a standard Bluetooth tracker can work for about a year before its battery dies. This means that you can pick up a cheap Bluetooth tracker and use it for more than a year before needing a replacement.

Since Bluetooth-enabled trackers are very affordable, and they promise that, with them, you’ll never lose your stuff again, they have become quite popular. But the fact is they just can’t replace standard GPS trackers, especially if you want to secure valuable items like your travel bag or an expensive DSLR camera - or even loved ones. Now, why they are inferior to GPS trackers, and what can they do exactly?