Color Split on codepen

submitted 7 years ago by alexpoulsen to codewizardry, updated 7 years ago

Also check out a version I made with the demcra logo and a link icon for demcra All animation is css and javascript is used for class toggling. Also this is version one with 3 colors in a triangle instead of 4 in a square.

These use the screen blend mode (Which means if you are using internet explorer, windows xp (or earlier), or a mobile device, it may not work as intended. On mobile, click the text to activate and click the background to deactivate). Also, you need javascript enabled for this to work!

psientist replied 7 years ago

Nice one! For some reason the bottom half of the page goes white during the animation in Chromium.

alexpoulsen replied 7 years ago, updated 7 years ago

Thanks I've only used it in Safari and iOS Safari so it could very well be a chromium based browser thing