Metaversified cricket NFT guilds - Jump Trade

submitted 1 month ago by EvaConner to cryptocurrency

Cricket has now been officially inducted to the NFT gaming p2e space with the new Metaverse Cricket NFT Game with Jump Trade - the world’s first play to earn, Zero knowledge rollup. The platform is a Zero Gas Fee NFT marketplace which uses the layer 2 ZKR on top of the Ethereum blockchain to bring about an NFT marketplace that also supports cricket fans and helps them grow and get incentivized while engaging with the platform. The cricket nft collectibles platform had a winning trajectory since its release - with the auction pieces trajecting to more than 440 times their base price in the initial release, the generative NFT collectibles selling out in less than nine minutes and the collectibles now being traded in the secondary marketplace right now. Join the cricket NFT marketplace and enjoy a range of cricket NFTs and gear up for the metaverse Cricket League to drop very soon.