To give your customer’s suggestion on eyelash extension curls in only one minute

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One minute? You must think I'm crazy, don't you? How can you tell what kind of eyelash curl a customer needs so quickly? In fact, after you understand artificial eyelash curls international standard, characteristic and type, retry proper exercise, you also can accomplish likewise.

01 international standard of artificial eyelash curl degree The international order of curling degree of artificial eyelashes is divided into five categories from low to high: J, B, C(CC), D and L. With the expansion of market demand and the requirement of different brand business, there appears different eyelash curls, appeared for instance U curl (more than L curl), M curl (suit the person of drooping eyelashes). Generally speaking, j-shaped warping is a natural radian commonly used in the world to indicate the lowest warping degree. However, in our experience, the term for a stronger curl than the j-shape will vary from brand to brand. Different brand, same C curl warped the eyelash that points to curl warped degree, curly Angle, length can differ somewhat. Therefore, Our Lash warns that it is important to use the same brand of lash products when offering artificial eyelash products to customers, as it will not lash neatly and attractively. More and more customers are inclined to establish their own brands, you only need to provide your own logo and Ourlash can make private label lashes for you, MOQ100 here enables small and medium-sized customers to establish their own brands.

02 The characteristics of artificial eyelash curling and warping degree The stronger the degree of curl, the smaller the contact area, the weaker the durability of eyelashes extensions, at the same time, the Angle of the customer's eyelashes will change the contact area. So, chose unsuitable curls of lashes will bring about eyelash persistence to drop, fall off easily wait for a problem. The grafted artificial eyelashes can be curlicue as they are, but Ourlash still suggests that we should carefully consider the angle, elasticity, health status of the eyelashes, the effect from the top down and the effect from the bottom up. In addition to learning theory, more practical experience is needed. Especially eyelash inverse customer, no matter what curl she chooses the eyelash will appear to hang down effect. 03 Judgment and advice of eyelash curls According to the degree of artificial lash curls produced by international standards and market demand of curl type, we summarized the six warped eyelash degrees of judgment and advice, the lash artist can refer to the judgment standard and the suggestion in the brain form model, would suggest corresponding curls for certain customers, and according to the actual situation of grafting to adjust.

Reminder: photograph comparison is needed before and after each grafting of eyelashes, especially for customers with special eye shape or eyelashes. With the accumulation of time, different situations can be classified and summarized, thus forming their own routines.

The first type: J curl 1) Natural, close to true eyelash curl 2) Recommend it to customers who want natural effects 3) Due to low crimp and large contact area, it is easy to operate and comfortable after grafting 4) 6-8mm j-shaped artificial eyelashes can also be used for lower eyelashes 5) When grafting the lower eyelashes, professional lower eyelashes are recommended, as the length of the lower eyelashes will vary in the production process of the plane. The 2nd kind: B curl 1) Natural light curls 2) Recommended to customers who like natural warping 3) The degree of warping is neither high nor low, just right feeling, with the characteristics of easy operation Type 3: C curl 1) The most popular standard curl 2) Recommended to customers who like standard curl 3) The warping degree is neither very high nor very low, with the characteristics of easy operation Type 4: CC curl 1) Similar to the effect of using eyelash curler or eyelash lift 2) Recommended to customers who want large and watery eyes 3) Strong eyelash curling, even for eyelash inverse customers are also worth recommending Type 5: D curl 1) Higher curl degree than CC curl 2) Similar to the effect of using eyelash curlers or lifting eyelashes 3) Recommended to customers who want large and watery eyes 4) Worth recommending to eyelash inverse customers 5) D curl is not recommended to inside double customer

Do you find it not so difficult to give tips on eyelashes curls in one minute now? Of course, if you know these tips by heart, you can use them differently depending on your eyelash health, desired design, angle of eyelashes, eyelid and facial features.