Ask five more questions when customer calls, you can increase the arrival rate by 80%

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Without further ado, let's take a look at five questions that can quickly improve your business.

  1. Confirm if the customer currently has eyelashes grafted If the answer was yes, then you need booked 20 minutes longer for this customer. If the eyelashes are grafted in the store, the style and model of the eyelashes grafted last time can be inquired according to the customer's name or phone number information. The purpose is that after the customer arrives at the store according to the appointment time, the eyelash therapist can naturally tell the customer's name and the type of eyelashes that the customer likes. This can give customers a sense of intimacy, and the eyelash therapist is as familiar as friends.

If customers with eyelash extensions but not grated in this store, the phone to make 2 points to inform: first, remove the need to charge; The second is because grafting way is different, the glue that uses is different and the discharge that uses divides paste is different, it might need longer for the process than usual. After this kind of customer to the store, it is particularly important to check her eyelashes grafted in other stores. If there is a serious problem with the method of eyelash grafting in the store, it is suggested to take photos and leave files as the material for educating employees or customers.

  1. Make sure if the customer comes into the store wearing makeup. Ask customers if they have makeup on their eyes and if they have curled their eyelashes. If she have makeup, you need to do the following processing: first, she can go to the store to remove it, and you need introduce what brand of makeup remover products are provided in the store (it is recommended to use well-known brands); Second, suggest customers to the store before their own makeup. What needs to remind is: after grafting eyelash 6-8 hours cannot wash a face, the color makeup of eye department or powder can affect the firm degree of colloid.

If customers need to attend important occasions after grafting, the store can provide cosmetics. Color makeup brand suggests using well-known brand as well. (There is no need to consider the cost of such a set because it will be available in stores for years.)

  1. Confirm if the customer is wearing contact lenses Contact lenses should be removed when eyelashes are grafted. Try not to wear contact lenses for 6 hours after grafting. Therefore, customers need to be reminded to wear the frame glasses to the store for eyelash grafting. If the customer does not bring a frame mirror, the store needs to prepare a disposable contact lens case and contact lens solution.

  2. Determine if the customer has any eye problems or allergies To avoid other problems, customers with or suspected eye problems should be refused eyelash grafts. In order to ensure the health and hygiene of eyelash artists and other customers, customers with eye infections should be completely refused eyelash grafting. In addition, eyelashes cannot be grafted on customers who have undergone laser eye surgery, plastic eye surgery, or have irritated or swollen eyelids.

  3. Confirm customers' living arrangements after eyelash grafting After grafting is not allowed to wash your face and take a bath within 6 hours, exercise and sweat will increase the burden of eyelash glue, sauna and face steaming are not allowed within 3 days. Although there is no magnetic reaction in the glue, in order to avoid affecting the normal diagnosis such as MRI, it can be suggested that customers change the original plan after grafting, or postpone the time of grafting eyelashes, so as to truly consider for customers.

    "Whether you have eyelashes grafted, whether you take makeup to the store, whether you wear contact lenses, whether you have eye conditions or allergies, whether you have sauna arrangements... In addition to the basic reservation questions, keep these five questions in mind and ask them one by one when you receive a customer's call.

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