Great Personal Colour AnalysisInfographic

submitted 5 months ago by Gregzuniga to pics, updated 5 months ago This infographic has come from Suzanne Baker all about the top 10 reasons your should have a personal colour analysis from a personal stylist. You might not be wearing the colours that suit your skin tone, or your wardrobe may be looking a little drab. If that’s the case, you might benefit from viewing this infographic. Suzanne Baker is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant based in London. From this infographic you can see that having a personal colour analysis can help you feel more confident and help you to put together some great outfits. Someone who always struggles to find great colours to wear can really benefit from having a personal colour analysis, as seen in this infographic. Even if you have your colour palette sorted, these top 10 reasons apply to everyone across the board, no matter how stylish you are. Suzanne Baker is available for appointments to help you with your personal colour analysis.