How to Change an Instagram Profile From Private to Public

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If you have created the Instagram profile to show off your business or connect with professionals from their field of expertise, you might have first decided to create an individual account which you could choose to keep either public or private. While account that is private Instagram private account can provide certain security advantages but you may want to make it public in order to expose your content to a larger audience. The good news is that Instagram allows you to convert your account the private account to the public. There is also the option to change to a professional account which will offer analytics and marketing tools. Find out more about instagram private account

Comparing Instagram Account Types

Instagram allows both professional and personal accounts. The privacy options and features for accounts are different for both types of accounts.

MailUp says that some companies may opt to not use the official account as it does not have the option of private. It is possible that they would prefer to create a personal Instagram account, and then make it private to ensure their privacy, cut down on spam , and even filter followers. But, Instagram public professional accounts come with additional features like contact buttons as well as permissions for other users to run the account as well as marketing analytics tools that aren't offered for personal accounts.

The public accounts of all kind are accessible to all users who are not blocked, making it simple to reach a wide public, private accounts need the approval of a follower to be seen. Instagram warns that private posts could be shared on the internet because followers may take a photo or download the photos and publish them online for others to view.

Changing Your Profile to Public

If you want to change your private Instagram private account to a public one, Instagram advises you to utilize either the Instagram app or the website. In case you've got multiple Instagram accounts to work from ensure that you change to the correct one before you proceed with the following steps, based on the device you're using:

  • Instagram mobile site Log into your profile page and click on the gear icon at the right side of page. Select "Privacy and Security" and remove"Private Account. "Private Account" box.

  • The Instagram app for mobile: Just as with the mobile version of the website you can go to the profile tab, but go by clicking"Settings. "Settings" option in the hamburger menu located at the upper right of the screen. "Settings" is the "Settings" option will open several options. In the middle you'll find one that says "Privacy." Then, you can clear your "Private Account" box.

  • Instagram's desktop website You can click your profile picture at the right side of the screen. This will display you the "Settings" choice. Click on"Privacy" and then "Privacy and Security" option to locate"Privacy and Security" to find the "Private Account" check box and then clear it.

Whatever device you're using regardless of the device you use, you'll receive an acknowledgement message that you must accept the change in order to create the Instagram profile public. Remember that you are able to go back to the check box anytime to change the settings of an account that is remain private in the event that you decide to change your decision.

Upgrading to a Professional Account

If you'd like to make the leap to an official Instagram account, choose"Accounts" or the "Account" option in the "Settings" within the Instagram app. This option isn't available on the desktop or mobile website. There's a choice to create or change to an official account. If you decide to do this with this option, you'll be able to go through a series of steps for creating your professional profile, and connecting the profile to Facebook page , if you already have one.

Viewing an Instagram Private Account

In the event that you're on opposing side of the fence as a user who wishes to see an individual's private account, Business Insider notes that the most straightforward alternative is to tap an account's "Follow" option to request permission to gain access. Another option is to run searches for the individual's Instagram account's name to determine whether any images have been shared elsewhere, or having someone you know who's following you and share the posts.

You may come across an app or site that claims to offer an anonymous Instagram viewer, you should be cautious about using this tool. Upleap warns users that the Private Instagram Profile Viewer could be a scam that encrypts the information of your account or damages your device. Even if you get access to your private account using one of these apps however, the photos could be blurry or of poor quality.