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as a 7-year-old value-added friend, after his continuous efforts to apply, he was finally turned over once. Here, thank you very much for what is worth buying and blackjack manufacturers. In the future, if there are other products that need public testing, you can directly smash them. Enter the body part below: the first appears is the packing box of the keyboard, the whole is packed in black. The red on both sides brings a sense of movement to people. It feels that the positioning of Blackie can be seen from the outer packing, which can fully meet the consumer's electric competition demand. The parameters on the keyboard do not specify, directly put a screenshot of the official website open the box, keyboard wrapped outside a white foam bag, the two sides adopted a thick black sea reinforcement keyboard main body, to prevent the key plate from being damaged in the transportation process. The color of the keyboard is black and pure, and the modeling is regular. The use of a special painting industry makes the frosted plastic shell have a metallic texture. After being used to all kinds of fancy keyboards, the one who can really stand the time for postgraduate entrance examination is still the most primitive and simple oneType. In a close-up picture, we can see that compared with other keyboards at the same price, blackjue's workmanship is obviously more refined. To be honest, when I first saw this keyboard, the texture in my hand and the more than 300 entry-level products I contacted a few years ago were not up to grade at all. We have to lament that with the passage of time, domestic manufacturers have made great progress in keyboard manufacturing technology. The font of the keyboard does not use the original font, which is formal and round, instead, it uses a font that looks younger and more lively. Even the carriage return, arrow, indicator light and other patterns are more rounded. The data line of blackjue keyboard is made of braided wire, and the traditional keyboard is abandoned to be made of plastic material, which is more in line with the overall temperament of the keyboard and makes the keyboard more refined as a whole. The USB cable, from the large picture, we can see that blackjue's workmanship in these details is not careless at all, and the whole is round and flawless. Next, look at the key cap, as an important part of the keyboard, just like the three major parts of a car, they are all the reference indicators that people will include when they select the keyboard. Blackjue adopts PBT two-color transparent key cap. Compared with ABS material, the key cap made of PBT material is more durable without oil. In terms of workmanship, the key cap keeps the same exquisite workmanship as the above. OEM height is selected in terms of height, slightly higher than the original height of the key cap, but it is in useThere is not much difference. My keyboard uses the red axis, the axis body uses the cherry axis. It's really a "luxury" thing to use the original axis at this price. After all, according to the market value, the price of the axis alone accounts for almost half of the overall price of the keyboard. Blackjue's satellite axis has been specially adjusted, and the touch is very simple. There is no other entry-level keyboard. In these days of use, there is almost no difference in the use experience with Kmac, which I bought the first time. You should know that the keyboard cost 3000 ocean a few years ago!!! Turn the keyboard over, three bright black bars are site almost the only decoration in the keyboard. In fact, I don't think it's necessary. In fact, after playing with various configurations and customization, the keyboard that you can use all the time is actually the most common one, and sometimes even any film can be used happily. The keyboard support supports two levels of adjustment, which can be adjusted to different heights according to different use requirements, and the four corners of the support and keyboard are also equipped with anti-skid pads, so that the keyboard can be more firmly fixed on your computer desk, not to throw the keyboard out in the fierce game process. In the middle of the back of the keyboard, there is a gap similar to the thread manager, as a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a small detail can really bring me some website surprises. Under the numeric keypad, YesBlackjue's logo, onlygame shows the positioning of the keyboard, which is designed for the game. In today's era when the development of e-sports industry is more and more popular, it seems that it's as hard for game players to go out without a mechanical keyboard as to play with lol without buying equipment. The market demand makes more and more keyboard manufacturers appear, and also makes the quality of the keyboard rise. Now even an entry-level keyboard can have quite high quality. You know, a few years ago, when I went in and out of the keyboard pit, my roommate didn't even know that the keyboard could be so expensive. In the age of two yuan an hour in the Internet bar, almost all the Internet bar keyboards would be the shiny twinkling swallows whose key caps had been rubbed. As mentioned above, in my opinion, it is not the core competitiveness of this keyboard. Only when this keyboard is linked to the computer, can you really feel the charm of this keyboard. Water flow light, star light, breathing light, all kinds of light modes you can imagine can be found on this keyboard, and even support the light mode customization function. Moreover, when the computer is turned on, this keyboard has a light mode similar to welcome to turn on the computer! Can you stand it? Let people have a feeling of entering the welcome screen displayed on the Mercedes Benz and LCD dashboard! Because of the cool light, the keyboard was robbed by my girlfriend in less than 30 minutes Next, place a comparison between her previous keyboard and this keyboard. Maybe this bulingbuling thing, can really attract women's eyes in a moment, after seeing the light show, this red keypad has been placed on my desk shelf. Having said so much, let's talk about the feeling of using this keyboard: generally, when we use the keyboard, will generally consider the following aspects. Feel: generous use of the original axis let this keyboard directly behind other entry-level keyboard, in fact, I don't know a lot about the discussion of feel in the keyboard circle. Anyway, in my age of playing keyboard, the most top configuration is to use limited edition kit, cherry shaft, Polish shaft body, replace transparent shaft cover, replace Korean imported spring, replace shaft paper (more for good-looking), whether there is steel plate (personal preference), and place a layer of elastic plastic pad under the PCB. When I was playing customization in Korea, I also struggled with the above, but after spending a lot of money, in fact, I have to say how much I have improved my hand feel. I can't really say that it's more a metaphysical and psychological change. For a person who spends five or six thousand on a keyboard, it's not for the hand feel, but for the limited set. I want to express my opinion on the axis here. some white people who have just entered the keyboard pit may think that those rare axes are more powerful than the common axes in hand feel. but what about the reality? It's justIt's just that the feeling is different, whether you like it or not depends more on your personal preference. And the reason why several common axes are common in the market is that their hand feel has met the preferences and needs of most people in the market. Those rare axes, (just rare, not that they are more advanced.) On the other hand, it's just the shaft that can't be accepted and eliminated by the people at that time. That's the reason why they are rare. If they can sell well, I believe that the manufacturers at that time will not push other shafts without making money. Therefore, those who shout rare axis and advanced axis in their mouths all day long hope that you can still spend more time and money to experience whether the feel of some axis that has been fried into sky price is really as awesome as you imagine, and then talk about it calmly instead of bravado. For example, when I was playing the keyboard, the old black axis and the white axis were replaced by 62g spring, which were quite common. They were blown to the sky, but when I actually rushed, I didn't feel so mysterious. As for what cobalt blue axis and so on are too rare. One by one, they have been pressed, but the whole keyboard has never been used, and only one axis has been pressed. Can you say how it feels? Appearance: low profile modeling, exquisite workmanship. Maybe for some young guys, this keyboard can't attract them, but for my uncle of more than 20, this simple style is more useful. Price: 299, what else can I say? Of course, In the end, I want to talk about the shortcomings of this keyboard. after thinking for a long time, it's really not that I want to lick, it's just that for a keyboard with only 299, this keyboard really has no slot. As for programming and so on, I'm not familiar with it, so you can have a look at this section in other reviews. This evaluation can only be attached with a video below to show you a light show. At present, more audience groups of mechanical keyboard should focus on college students, I feel that blackjue can continue to work on Modeling and materials, after all, lighting is such a thing, at first glance, it will be amazing and novel, such as my girlfriend. But after using it for a long time, I believe that more people will choose the unlit keyboard even when they choose the keyboard, and what this kind of people value more is actually the workmanship of the keyboard. Finally, hope that the domestic keyboard manufacturers can do better and better. I also hope that Blackjack will be able to launch a better keyboard in the future. > > >