What is Demcra?

Demcra is a non-profit website for link sharing and discussions.

How do I create an account?

Choose a unique username and enter it on the join form, along with a strong password to protect your account.

How do I post to demcra?

Once you have joined and are logged in, find a realm where your post fits and click "Submit Topic".

What is a realm?

Realms are the communities of Demcra, each with it's own topics, moderators, styles, etc. For example, /r/jokes is a realm where jokes are shared.

How do I create a realm?

Open the address of the realm as if it did exist, for example: http://demcra.com/r/MyNewRealm. If you are logged in, and the realm does not already exist, you can create it by clicking "Create Realm".