Product Name: 3D hydraulic hinge

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Product Name: 3D hydraulic hinge (disassembly) Product Brand: KAV Product Name: KAV product origin: Dongguan, Guangdong Product soft close drawer dampers manufacturers Model: full cover k3dh09 / half cover k3dh08 / embedded k3dh07 Product Model Distance between two holes: 48.0 mm cup hole size: 35.0 mm cabinet door damper for hinge drilling depth: depth Conventional 11.5mm hinge material: cold rolled steel plate surface treatment: with nickel plating on the copper bottom, the antirust ability is stronger. the material of hinge is better than that of cold rolled steel plate hinge use: for the link on the door of civil furniture, bathroom cabinet, cabinet, etc.; the full cover side plate is 18mm, which can be adjusted to 14mm to 21mm quality assurance: quality assurance: and Through 50000 times of European SGS authoritative quality testing certification, lifelong guarantee!

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Hinges are something I am not very well aware of but for sure am excited about it. I wanted to visit the article for the longest time as I read good reviews about it. I am interested in this hinge.