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Fenghua punching aluminum curtain wall supplier the surface treatment of aluminum panel curtain wall must not be anodized. Another method of surface treatment of curtain wall aluminum plate is electrostatic spraying. Spray can be divided into powder spray and liquid spray. The powder spray materials are mainly polyurethane, polyexpansion, epoxy and other raw materials, with high maintenance pigments, dozens of different colors of spray powder can be obtained. At the same time, it has a group of highly experienced sheet metal and workshop technicians, forming a large modern enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales, installation, etc., with a monthly output of 120000 square meters. All series of products are suitable for: subway, shopping mall, square, hotel, exhibition hall, conference hall, office building, airport, home, hospital, Saba, passageway, gymnasium, swimming pool, bus station, hospital, office, communication bureau, post and telecommunications office, singing and dancing hall, factory building, car washing, gas station, leisure place, commercial summer. Main products: wide range of main products: Aluminum gusset plate, aluminum ceiling, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum veneer, aluminum mesh, aluminum screen, aluminum window pattern, aluminum grid, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum square pass, aluminum hanging piece, aluminum bar buckle, combined modeling aluminum ceiling, wood grain series aluminum ceiling; aluminum metal ceiling such as oxidation, rolling coating, sanding, film covering, carving, etc. Facing the future: from the date of its establishment, it has established the concept of science and technology, and invested 10% of the annual profit into technology research and development. Limited by the size of raw materials, it also needs to be assembled and welded after splitting. Due to the complex shape, the area is largeThe weld bead is long and the material is thin. The welding stress will cause distortion and wave deformation of the plate surface, and the weld joint women is uneven, which seriously affects the exterior decoration effect. For the parts assembled and welded, attention should be paid to the reasonable splitting of the parts to avoid long weld passes. In case of long weld passes, spot welding or intermittent welding shall be preferred; if full welding is required, the welding bead reinforcement or water cooling welding method shall be considered to control the deformation of the plate surface. In order to ensure the strength and anti wind pressure ability of punching aluminum veneer, reinforcing ribs should be arranged reasonably on the back of aluminum veneer. The reinforcing ribs are generally distributed vertically to the long side and connected with electric welding bolts. The welding current should be adjusted reasonably. The strength of welding bolts should be ensured, and the klik current should not be too large, which will cause nail marks on the front of the board and weld the bolts After that, pull-out test should be carried out to verify the welding strength and prevent the nail from falling off. For aluminum plate with thickness less than 2.5mm. Aluminum alloy veneer - suitable for high-rise curtain wall and large area curtain wall. Composite aluminum plate - in case of high temperature, harmful gas will be produced, which is not fireproof and difficult to be recycled. Aluminum alloy veneer - fireproof, easy to recycle, no pollution to the environment. Toothless saw blade cutting machine, electric hand drill, impact drill, nail shooting, drill pattern of various specifications, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, ink line, plumb, nylon wire, steel tape, electric welding machine, oxygen cutting equipment, driven sucker, electric hanging basket, glue injection, pneumatic riveting, safety belt, etc. This part of the work is the initial stage of the project, which should be completed on schedule, with quality and quantity guaranteed, on the principle of construction servicePlan, put forward the material schedule of the project in a short time. (2) The project management department and the production department shall cooperate with each other, make the processing plan of the project according to the construction schedule and the actual situation of the project site, reasonably organize and arrange the production, and ensure the timely arrival of the products.