Find out more on Old School RuneScape Fresh Start worlds

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In the Fresh Start worlds will receive similar updates to in the primary game. This means that it's will have an updated economy and higher scores, so that players will feel that they're not ahead of everyone else. This will also give players the opportunity to show new players to the game without taking over them.The team is working on an array of Fresh Start exclusive achievements as an instruction system for novices who want to test their skills.

After six months , the world will be over and all your accomplishments will get transferred to the main game right away. Everything you've earned will be taken with you, as well as the quest points, skills levels and high scores you may have obtained. You'll also be able to obtain any world records before your transfer.

The service is available on 19th April by way of an opt-in basis.

Find out more on Old School RuneScape Fresh Start worlds, including details about their achievements, methods to start, features, and what they will look like after six months. Learn more about the announcement here.

Fresh Start Worlds brings together the new and experienced players to begin their RuneScape experience from the beginning. It's scheduled to run for four months. players will re-discover all the mysteries of Gielinor when they return to famous cities, unforgettable quests, areas of skill and boss battles , with more XP, and game enhancements. There are plenty of rewards you earn to get like new armour, along with pet skins, brand new capes , uncommon rewards that trade.The latest strategy is known as "chucking" which is the practice of placing massive sums of GP on the 1v1 battle typically , requiring an intermediary to distribute the padding prizes to the player who wins the contest. It has been the case that there have been instances where one person would battle with another for the benefit of a portion of the overinflated prize pool. If you want to learn more about RuneScape Products (Old School, RS3) , please visit