A bare bones expansion to counter the idea darker

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Wizards, in extreme circumstances, can use fireballs to blow doors open to allow an escape too.

The game is in playtest. Please give them some grace. I believe it will have more in-depth combat or game mechanics, maybe not mordhau levels , but between chivalry and what the game is currently at most likely dodging.

Give the game some time and don't bother with the 'git gud' gang, all criticism (actual critique) is valued as feedback by the developers. Let's just hope that they will listen.

Its not a game everyone will love. It's a great game. sensible. breath of fresh air to the forums tbh.

I wish you look in finding what scratches that itch.

A bare bones expansion to counter the idea

I have made this statement in other threads however I am sharing it here in hopes that those who believe in the message will actually stand behind this message by continuing to leave comments and vote for it, and then keep it on the top of the discussions tab in front of all the other dumb stuff.

Combat , in the current state and in general across everything , is sort of the foundation of a game that desperately needs to be expanded on to enhance game play and retention and close the gear gap.

Present issues: Combat is all about movement or let's call it positioning, as well as the type of gear you have equip and what your health bar is. Other tools may aid you until you reach melee. If you want to learn more about Dark And Darker,please vist https://www.mmoexp.com/Dark-and-darker/Gold.html