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BodyHairDeviceSuppliers - Tight shoulders and neck pain from reading and work, - Muscle soreness accumulated after exercise, - Use the fascia gun to massage and massage to relieve tension and relax the body and mind. Features Three grades strength, please start from the lowest grade for the first use, and then adjust according to the body's ability to withstand. The compact body makes it easy to store. Product Information Product Dimension: 10.2 X 12.3 X 3.4 CM Material: ABS Charging voltage: 3.7V Working time: about 7 hours Contents: massage gun, 4 massage heads, TYPE-C USB cable, manual, travel case Notice Before using the fascia gun, you must first understand the cause of muscle soreness or pain. Only by hitting the right muscle position with proper shock wave intensity can the muscle fascia be activated and soreness can be relieved. It is not only necessary to understand the main cause of the soreness, but also the fascia gun must be placed in the correct position to effectively relieve the soreness. If the intensity is too strong, the frequency is too high, and it does not follow the direction of the myofascial membrane, and the fascia gun is used carelessly, it may tighten the muscles and cause serious injury.BodyHairDeviceSuppliers website: