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update time: 2020-06-08 22:10:22 Qinghai multi story steel structure company Lanzhou Xinxiang steel structure company is a construction steel structure enterprise integrating design, production, installation and sales. The company has 96 technical staff, a group of high-quality, technical and hard construction team, with advanced equipment, excellent technology and strong technical force, it undertakes large-span factory buildings, workshops, warehouses, commercial supermarkets, exhibition halls, roof plus floors and other large-scale light steel structure projects, and operates EPS sandwich composite plates, color steel profiled plates, H-shaped steels, C-shaped steels and Z-shaped steels And other production and sales business. (1) The selected site must be flat and of sufficient strength. (2) The welding shrinkage and other machining allowance must be considered according to the characteristics of the steel structure members when arranging and assembling the tire mold. (3) After the assembly of the first batch of components, the quality inspection department must conduct a comprehensive inspection, and the assembly can be continued only after passing the inspection. (4) The components must be assembled in strict accordance with the process regulations during the assembly process. When there are hidden welds, they must be welded first and covered after passing the inspection. When complex assembly parts are difficult to be welded, the method of welding while assembling can also be used to complete the assembly work. (7) Pay attention to check the drawings to prevent C-type 2 purlinThe direction is reversed. 3、 Roof panel installation requirements (1) the laying of steel plate shall pay attention to the perennial wind direction, and the overlapping of plate ribs shall be opposite to the perennial wind direction. (2) Only one rib is overlapped between steel plates, and the large side must be buckled on the small side. (3) At the ridge of the roof, the steel plate needs to be bent up about 80 degrees to form a water retaining plate. At the gutter, the steel plate needs to be bent down 10 degrees to form a drip line. (4) The gap between the two slope steel plates at the ridge is about 20 ~ 50mm to insert the bending tool. The gap is not easy to be too large and small. The profiled plate at the gutter extends about 100 ~ 150 mm. The company always adheres to the tenet of "regarding quality as life and customer as God", and establishes a modern management system of "people-oriented, internal management and external image". Customer satisfaction is our tenet. We win customers by integrity, establish brands by quality, achieve benefits by management, and achieve development by innovation. 6. For the structure with large height and relatively small cross section, the horizontal load (especially wind load) is the main basis of structural design. According to its structural form, it can be divided into self-supporting tower structure and guyed mast structure, so high-rise structure is also called tower mast structure. With the development of industrial technology, there are various types of high-rise structures. In 1889, the Eiffel Tower was built for the Paris Exposition, with a height of 300 meters. After 1921, radio and television antennas were installed on the top of the tower, with a total height of 321 meters. According to the requirements of the new steel standard, to achieve a complete steel structure performance design, the following design process needs to be followed. 2.1 checking calculation of bearing capacity and deformation for design height under frequent EarthquakeThe steel structure with a degree of less than 100m is checked under the action of frequent earthquakes. The checking contents include whether the bearing capacity and lateral deformation of the structure meet the requirements of the code, that is, whether the strength stress ratio and the stable stress ratio of the structural members meet the requirements of the new steel standard, and whether the elastic interlayer displacement angle of the structure under the action of wind and earthquake meet the requirements of the code and the new steel standard 1 / 250. Only when the bearing capacity and deformation under small earthquakes are satisfied can the seismic performance design be carried out. If the width thickness ratio, height thickness ratio and slenderness ratio of the members do not meet the requirements of the seismic code at this time, it is necessary to carry out performance design. If the performance target of the corresponding steel target is designed to meet the requirements of bearing capacity under moderate earthquake, the limitation of width thickness ratio, height thickness ratio and slenderness ratio can be relaxed according to the corresponding width thickness ratio grade and ductility grade. 1.1.5 it is strictly prohibited to use welding rod with peeling off coating or rusty core, welding flux with damp agglomeration or melted burning and rusty welding wire. The surface of the stud used for stud welding shall be free of cracks, streaks, dents, burrs and other defects affecting the use. 1.1.6 welding materials shall be managed in a centralized way and a special warehouse shall be established. The warehouse shall be dry and well ventilated. 1.1.7 bolts shall be stored in dry and ventilated room. The warehousing acceptance of high-strength bolts shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of jgj82 code for design, construction and acceptance of high-strength bolt connection of steel structure, and it is strictly prohibited to use the high-strength bolts with rust, contamination, damp, bruise and mixed batch. Steel structure design of warehouse,C-section steel manufacturing and installation engineering, color steel composite plate manufacturing and installation, grid, lighting engineering, aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturing and installation, floor bearing plate manufacturing and installation, and undertake steel structure engineering. The company strictly implements the trinity management system of quality, environment and occupational health, puts enterprise management at the top priority, seizes the favorable opportunity of steel structure, a sunrise industry, promotes the adjustment of industrial structure, improves the industrial level, and constantly meets the needs of multi-storey and high-rise buildings. Basic knowledge of steel structure, steel structure materials. 1、 Classification of steel structure materials 1. According to the steel processing method: hot rolled steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate. (1) Hot rolling: it takes slab (mainly continuous casting) as raw material, after heating, it is made of steel strip by roughing mill and finishing mill. The hot steel strip from the last finishing mill is cooled to the set temperature through laminar flow, and then it is rolled into steel strip by coiler. The cooled steel strip is rolled through different finishing lines (leveling, straightening, cross cutting or longitudinal) according to different needs of users Cut, inspect, weigh, package and mark) to make steel plate, flat roll and longitudinal cut steel strip products. To put it simply, take a billet and pass several passes of rolling after heating, and then correct it into steel plate after trimming. (2) Cold rolling: hot rolled steel coil is used as raw material, and the oxide skin is removed by acid pickling before cold continuous rolling. The finished product is hard rolled coil. Due to continuous cold deformation, the strength sbssteelstructure and hardness of hard rolled coil increase and the toughness and plasticity index decrease due to its cold work hardening, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, and it can only be used for simple deformed parts. The hard roll can be used as the raw material of the hot-dip galvanizing plant, because the hot-dip galvanizing units are set upWith annealing line, the weight of hard rolled coil is generally 6-13.5 tons. The hot-rolled pickling coil is continuously rolled at room temperature, with inner diameter of 610mm. Cold rolling is produced on the basis of hot rolling, generally speaking, it is a processing engineering such as hot rolling, pickling and cold rolling. Cold rolling is made of hot-rolled plate at room temperature. Although in the process of processing because of rolling will also make the steel plate here temperature, still called cold rolling. 2. According to the shape of steel: steel plate, checkered steel plate, profile steel, profile steel, etc. 9、 If the light steel structure has brick wall for maintenance, it must be well connected with the construction unit and civil construction unit in advance, because this involves two aspects of civil engineering and steel structure, because the brick wall of civil engineering is likely to be uneven and straight, and the flashing of color steel plate is unlikely to be large or small, as a result, the gap between color steel plate and brick wall is large or small, and the flashing of color steel plate and brick wall is large or small It is very difficult to do well in water treatment, so that the construction unit is prepared in mind. 10、 The anchor bolts are generally buried by civil engineering units. The steel structure manufacturers draw the drawings. Sometimes they can turn the position of the anchor bolts 90 degrees. It's too late for recheck. It's not surprising that there is a dimension deviation of 50 ~ 100mm for you. Therefore, before construction, it must be specially reminded that there is a written basis for disclosure (self-protection). (3) after anti-corrosion treatment and welding, the weld and its surroundings shall be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the anti-corrosion material shall be the paint coating meeting the design requirements, which shall be painted twice. Clean the coating and dirt on the weld surface before anticorrosion. (4) all purlins of the project are fixed with purlin bracket boltsConnection: after the purlin is lifted in place, first check whether the top surface of the purlin being installed is flush with the top surface of the adjacent purlin already installed, and adjust if it is uneven. Only when the height difference between the top surfaces of adjacent purlins is within 2mm, can bolts be tightened. During installation, the top surfaces of two adjacent purlins shall be adjusted to be consistent as much as possible. Gutter installation the company has an advanced H-steel production line, which adopts advanced CNC multi head cutting machine, full-automatic submerged arc welding machine, hydraulic flange straightening machine, high-performance CNC plane drilling machine and all-round automatic shot blasting machine, and introduces the current advanced steel structure 3D3S, PKPM, ps2000 and other software systems, forming cutting, assembling, submerged arc welding, straightening, shot blasting and rust spraying In addition, the company has bite type lap type advanced computer program-controlled composite board machine, various types of automatic operation C-type steel machine, 820, 860, 900 and 760 bite type lap type press plate machine, which has the production, manufacturing and installation capacity to meet the needs of various customers. 1.1.2 in addition to the factory quality certificate, raw materials entering the factory shall be witnessed, sampled, sent, inspected and accepted by Party A and the supervisor in accordance with the contract requirements and relevant current standards, and inspection records shall be made. And provide inspection report to Party A and the supervisor. 1.1.3 in the process of processing, if the raw materials are found to be defective, it must be studied and handled by the inspectors and competent technicians. 1.1.4 for material substitution, the manufacturer shall submit the application (technical verification sheet) with material certificate in advance and report to Party A and the supervisorAfter the review, it can be substituted after being confirmed by the design unit. 4) During the pre assembly of high-strength bolt connections, punch pin positioning and temporary bolt fastening can be used. The number of trial bolts in a group of holes shall not be less than 30% of the bolt holes, and shall not be less than 2. The number of punching nails shall not be more than 1 / 3 of the temporary bolts. 5) After preassembly, the hole tester shall be used for inspection. When the hole tester with a diameter less than 1.0mm than the nominal diameter of the hole is used for inspection, the passing rate of each group of holes shall not be less than 85%; when the hole tester with a diameter greater than 0.3mm than the nominal diameter of the bolt is used for inspection, the passing rate shall be 100, and the hole tester must be vertically and freely penetrated. Qinghai multilayer steel structure company