Qwaiting - The Best Queue Management System Serving Worldwide

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Qwaiting as the name of a Queue Management System Software. It was launched by Shrivra company in the year 2014. The main goal of Qwaiting is to reduce customer waiting time and help businesses to deliver a top-notch customer experience. Our Products include -

QR Queue System - Allow your customers to join the queue virtually without having to physically stand and wait for their turn, Customers can track their position on a real time basis.

SMS Queue System - With SMS Queue system, send notifications and messages to customers notifying them about their upcoming appointment.

Appointment Scheduling -  Get rid of paperwork, no shows and late comers. With a systematic approach, manage your appointments and deliver a pleasant customer experience.

Having Queuing System at your premises will not only manage your customer flow but also provide business insights like staff performance, peak hours, customer journey which helps in better business decisions.

Qwaiting is headquartered in  Singapore and has branches in USA, Australia and India. It is used by top companies like Skechers, Changi Airport Group, Hawkers, Loreal and many more.

We offer a 14-day free trial with access to all the features.