Best Cannabis Clone Grower in Southern California

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Providing the best cannabis clones in San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside to home growers and commercial growers. Clones, XL Clones, Pre-Teens, Teens, Large Plants. Strains include: Sativa Strains:Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, Sour Tangie Indica Strains: Blue Zkittlez, Afghani, King Kush, Bruce Banner, Do-Si-Dos, Bubba Kush, Grand Daddy Purple​ Hybrid Strains: Holy Grail, Sour Diesel/Lemon Kush, Blueberry Muffins, Mimosa 5, Cherrygasm, Cherry Pie/Space Queen, Space Queen, GG4, GSC, Mendo Breath​ Check out our website for more information on our company and our products by visiting Hidden Valley Clones dot Com or by calling directly at (760) 209-6354.