Develop An Uber Like App at your Budget!

submitted 1 week ago by dylan05 to business

However, if you are looking to develop an app with a minimal budget, try clone apps. If you are wondering what clone apps are, let me explain to you. Clone apps do the exact basic functioning of an already existing app. Clone apps can be integrated with advanced features, according to the needs of the business owners.

For example, Ola is the clone app of Uber. While the basic functioning of apps is taxi services, they vary in almost every aspect. Hence, clone apps can prove to be highly profitable and wondering.

Just so you know, the budget involved to develop Uber like apps from scratch can range between $15,000 - $20,000. This budget is for the basic version of the app. However, you can get clone apps for just $1999. So, instead of looking around for open source code, I urge you to launch these clone apps as they are reliable and scalable in the market.