Develop a Safety packed Food Delivery App During this Pandemic!

submitted 7 months ago by benluis to business

More people have started to prefer ordering food from food delivery apps. Even before the pandemic began, food delivery apps were facing a rise in usage. Ever since the pandemic hit, it is the end-card for dine-in services and a massive welcome to the food delivery apps. Whatever be it,  there is nothing more comfortable than munching your favourite food at home. Ubereats is a very successful and popular food delivery app. Many food delivery businesses have integrated an app like Ubereats into their business and have witnessed enormous profits.

Add features that enable hygienic packing and preparation of food. Inform the customers of the safety standards  followed. Few essential elements that can be integrated at this time of the pandemic are

  1. Contact-less delivery by the executive 
  2. Contact-less payment
  3. Temperature check of the delivery executive
  4. Self-screening of the delivery executive for masks and PPE 
  5. Food preparation following the safety standards

Run a high-performing delivery app by enabling the smooth functioning of the above features and integrating a robust revenue model.