Revenue Model of a Food Delivery App!

submitted 6 months ago by benluis to business

A food delivery app needs to have a robust revenue model, and the charges should be nominal.

  1. Commission to the admin Ubereats charges 30% of the total cart value as commission. The same can be integrated into your food delivery system as per the business model.

  2. Distance fee The distance fee can be added. A nominal charge can be imposed based on the distance of the location and climate.

  3. Cancellation charges Customers have the privilege to cancel the orders within a particular time. Costs can be imposed on orders cancelled exceeding the time limit of say ten or fifteen minutes.

  4. Advertisements Advertising and promotions can be done in the advertising segment of the app. This is also another way of boosting revenue.

  5. Subscription Enabling customers to subscribe to food value packages where they avail food coupons, free delivery, and yearly concession. This fetches revenue beforehand and also sustains customers.

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