Exotic Features that can be Assimilated in a Ubereats Clone App

submitted 6 months ago by benluis to business

The primary features like login, profile setup, search for the food/restaurant, order, payment process, GPS-enabled tracking, ratings, and reviews keep the app running. But as the app and customers need change, so must the features and the updates of the app.

Few exotic features that can be integrated into a ubereats clone script are

  • Smart curation and specialization
  • Banking and online wallet
  • Customized delivery
  • Time-based notifications
  • Discovery title
  • Time-based course meal
  • Multiple order
  • Bulk booking
  • Subscription and lunch plan option
  • Referral system

Integrating all the above mentioned exotic features and more in your ubereats clone app will do wonders in boosting your business reach and profits. Food delivery apps are expected to rule the food business at least for a decade or more, and this is an appropriate time to jump in and launch your business.