How to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photography in 2022 | YouTube

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Real estate photography is not as easy as one would think. The work that it entails just to get a perfect shot takes heaps of time especially during preparation. Professional real estate photography is then likened to an iceberg where the photos we see already thrown into listings are products of laborious hours getting the place spruced up.

Now, photos from real estate photography don’t exactly get their charm from realty editor alone. It also depends on how the entire place is arranged and curated. This might be why real estate photography pricing is steeper than others, but it brings an enormous difference to the entire outcome of the image. Real estate photography professionals have to enlist help from different specialists who can design the place prior to the shoot. Why does this matter? For one, a better looking home sells faster than one that wasn’t paid any attention at all. Second, a photographer’s reputation is reflected in the quality of their work, making it a standard for others to make an assessment whether to patronize them or not.

Reference: Photo and Video Edits | How to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photography in 2022