Fashion Zipper

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The high street brand's street-shooting blockbuster has always revealed the zipper's daring exploration, such as the autumn and winter series of Schiaparelli and Madewell.

The small zipper has a functional and subversive character, but also has a decorative and subversive meaning. The zipper extends to the neckline, and the zipper and the invisible zipper are reversed, but they are not too strong in reality.On the brand show floor, it shows a bold association with the zipper.

For example, the zipper is connected to the waist, and the two halves are divided into two parts. The semi-separated and half-closed state creates a contradictory beauty, which is refreshing.

The most exquisite and most extravagant family, the solid color and light flower suits are connected by a row of imaginative zippers. However, because the zipper is sufficiently eye-catching and advanced, it must not be dragged on the matching of other shoe bags. It is necessary to give people an aristocratic temperament that is straight on the waist.

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