Ideal Token Standards of TRON Blockchain

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Tron is a decentralized, open-source, and prominent blockchain platform. In fact, the Tron is similar to the Ethereum blockchain. Tron's low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds make it an attractive option for token development, as it allows for cost-effective and efficient token transactions. In the crypto space, Tron token standards are widely preferred by emerging startups for token development.

Speaking of token development, Tron has two popular token standards for both fungible and non-fungible token development. That are

**TRC10 **- TRC10 tokens are compatible with all of the major crypto wallets on the market. As a result, investors and traders can use these tokens with ease.

**TRC20 **- A fungible token standard that is chosen by many budding startups for instant fundraising and for their initial stage of business development.

Another one is TRC721 - A non-fungible token standard. You can create a non-fungible token for your business which allows you to gain massive profit.

**Unique Features of TRON token standards **

  • Makes transactions faster
  • Highly scalable in nature
  • Fewer transaction fees
  • Simple to track with a public ledger
  • Public ledger storage and management
  • Highly secure and encrypted
  • More transactions per second
  • Supports multiple crypto wallet tokens (TRX, USDT, etc.)

When analysing both token standards TRC10 vs TRC20 of TRON blockchain, the TRC20 is the first choice of many crypto business people. Because, TRC20 tokens are easy to create and simple to use.

Furthermore, the Tron Blockchain can handle up to 2000 transactions per second, which is an important feature to consider while developing a crypto token.

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