Will turbochargers get cheaper in the future?

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Wuxi Booshiwheel Power Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing turbochargers used for various vehicles, including car, pickup truck, light truck, SUV and mechanical engineering. Our factory was established in 2003 in Wuxi City, covering an area of 3,000 square meters. I don’t know how much is “Cheap” for you. The turbos from China is cheap enough, and the quality is not so bad as someone said. I’ve bought a turbo with Max Speeding Rods brand for 270£. It’s high performance turbo, not OEM. Maybe the OEM turbo will be cheaper than my price.

It’s expensive if you buy a new genuine turbocharger, but you could rebuild your failed turbocharger just to replace the old parts inside with new repair kit. It’s easy to get the repair kit from eBay or other online websites. It will save you a lot. And other solution is to install an aftermarket turbocharger. As I know, there are many turbo parts dealers in Europe import aftermarket turbocharger from China. Someone will say that the turbocharger from China is cheap and bad quality. It’s cheaper than genuine, but the turbochargers work perfectly. http://www.bstturbo.com/products.html