6 points in facade lighting design

submitted 2 months ago by lampviews to demcra, updated 2 months ago

The value of light for a building is as important as an image for a person. In the performance of modern architecture, the lighting environment occupies a very significant meaning. So the concept that the light is the soul of the building is increasingly recognized by people, and the design of the lighting has been placed in the macroscopic perspective of architectural design and overall planning. The designer of lampviews summed up the six main points of the building’s facade lighting design:

  1. Defining the structure of the building, based on the characteristics of the building, and considering the surrounding environment, starting from the needs of the light environment and aesthetic sense, combining function and aesthetics, and we notice the coordination of lighting design and architectural modeling, and it does not affect the daytime landscape and light pollution of the building. It integrates the creativity of the light into the design concept of the building. The light truly shows the high-end and luxury of the building, and also fully expresses the soul of modern architecture.

  2. Perform light treatment on the top of the building, highlight the outline, and spread the commercial value, so that the illumination of the overall building facade is even, which makes the building stand out from the surrounding chaotic lights, thus highlighting the towering structure of the building and the atmosphere of modern architecture.

  3. Due to the large flow of people at the entrance and exit of the building, in order to highlight the prominent position, the illuminance should be increased and the brightness at the entrance should be increased.

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