Eyelash extension grafting tips: don’t be misled!

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Eyelash extension is an increasingly popular beauty technology; many beauty salons, nail salons, clubs and other stores have gradually opened eyelash extension items.

Generally speaking, the popularity rate of eyelash extension currently is not so high, and there are many misunderstandings about eyelash extensions. Ourlash is eyelash manufacturer so that we know lashes better from the material to technology in every aspect. High quality eyelash extension is a must for a good grafting, but some other factors are also very important. Today Ourlash will take you out of the misunderstanding on eyelash extension grafting.

Misconception 1: Eyelash artist don't need professional training? There are a lot of people think eyelash extension grafting is just connect false eyelash to be true eyelash simply go up, casually look for someone who is careful can do it. Actually otherwise, grafting eyelash is the job that needs high skill. From take glue, the eyelash is grafted accurately from original eyelash 2 millimeter place, blow dry glue to wait for a step to need skilled and professional grafting technology. People who have done the eyelash grafting must have such experience certainly deep, not professional, not standard grafting gimmick, can make you produce very unwell feeling in grafting process, the hold time of eyelash after grafting also won't be lasting.

Misconception 2: The effect after grafting eyelashes is the same? Grafting eyelash also has a lot of design to be able to offer choice, the effect also is each different. The curls become warped degree, thick and thin, length, arcs wait for different, the effect also can be different, everybody can combine oneself creation gives individuation eyelash effect!

Misconception 3: What hair is used in beauty cilia? Animal hair? What the lash salons use commonly is special artificial eyelash, can keep shape changeless for a long time, after processing not easily be out of shape. Animal hair such as fox, weasel and other circulation quantity itself is limited, is a natural material, with good luster and texture, but "length, radian, thickness is not even", difficult to operate in practical applications, and it’s also very expensive.

Misconception 4: how long can eyelashes last? Three months? The artificial eyelash that grafting can last 28 days or so commonly, not the 3 months that you suppose online. Under normal circumstances, the duration of the eyelashes after grafting depends on the grafting technique of the eyelash artists, the quality of the eyelashes and glue used, the personal maintenance after grafting, and the natural growth of eyelashes. Proper maintenance can also make the effect of eyelash extensions more lasting. Apply mascara, do not knead eyelash, comb eyelash regularly can make beautiful eyelash effect better and last longer.

Misconception 5: After every eyelash grafting, need to give eyelash recovery time? Grafting eyelash does not touch eyelid skin directly, connect on existing eyelash however, cannot affect the normal growth of eyelash. So eyelash grafting damage to eyelash is lesser, do not need the time that gives eyelash to restore.