What’s the purpose for glue primers?

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As an eyelash manufacturer, we also have many eyelash glues and accessories that our customers will need together. And then we’ll have to do many investigate and survey on that so we know clearly what eyelash lines need. Today we’ll talk about the popular products-glue primers.

At the beginning we know about the glue primers, the co-operate supplier just threw a bottle of glue primer and said it was pre-treatment liquid, but we didn't know how to use it or why to use it. Of course, there are also many eyelash salons that don't use pre-treatment liquid at all, or use it in the wrong steps or sequence.

I have also been told by some friends who are eyelash artists that for a customer who does not need to remove eyelashes but to graft lash extensions directly, there is no need to use primers, only normal saline to wipe them off, and the firmness will not be affected. Therefore, the customer will not need to use the primers in the future operation. Of course, this point of view and practice is also wrong.

In the process of grafting after removing the eyelashes, eyelash artists have a problem: after removing the eyelashes, they can find that the glue will solidify more slowly. What's the reason for that? Because remove cream will have residual moisture left on eyelash. However, this water is not that water. This water is made up of three esters: butyl lactone, propyl carbonate, and ethanol, which slow down the glue's polymerization and cause it to solidify more slowly. So, how to thoroughly clean these residual ingredients?

It is to use the pretreatment solution-glue primers. The primer is chosen because its components contain water, alcohol, and some repair and soothing extracts. This relatively mild pretreatment solution functions to denature the protein on eyelashes, remove residual esters, and ensure the glue curing speed remains unchanged.

However, some pretreatment solution will be added isopropanol, not safe, but there will be a good reaction. But it is not recommended to use a pretreatment solution containing isopropanol. When we do business, especially the product matters customer’s health we have to be careful and cautious.

So below are the correct steps to clean eyelashes after removing the lashes from Ourlash: Step 1: Dry rub with diagonal cotton swabs Step 2: wet with fine water (sterilized normal saline) + oblique cotton swabs Step 3: wipe with pretreatment solution + swab for 2 times Step 4: dry again with 2 swabs Step 5: start grafting

"The purpose of the pre-treatment solution is to clean the eyelashes, but in fact it is to completely remove the residue removed from the whole, so as to ensure the normal curing speed of the glue is maintained during the grafting of the eyelashes at the back. Make sure you practice the 5 steps provided by Ourlash.