The mistakes you may make when you use false strip eyelashes

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Hello everyone, here comes Ourlash again, today we’ll talk about some misunderstandings when applying false strip eyelashes, and share some good ideas for your false eyelash maintenance. Misunderstanding 1: Stick false eyelash before draw eyeliners NO! Before putting on false eyelash must draw eyeliner first, and eyeliner must stick the root of eyelash to draw. Only draw on eyeliner first, when sticking false eyelash can look for the right position through eyeliner, can stick in place at once.

Misunderstanding 2: stick false eyelash immediately after besmear glue NO! Applying false eyelashes immediately after applying the gel can easily cause false eyelashes to fall off, and may even cause the glue to stick to your own eyelashes. So after the glue must be patient to wait for a while, wait until the glue began to transparent then you can start to paste. Here say especially, please make sure you choose good quality glues to stick false eyelash, it will be helpful for the maintenance of eyelashes and also be responsible for your safety and health.

Misunderstanding 3: Did not use a tweezers or other tool to adjust after affix eyelash NO! After affix false eyelash, before glue has not completely curdle, undertake position adjustment with small tweezers at once, press eyelash firmly in eyelid place with tweezers at the same time.

Misunderstanding 4: Draw eye shadow before stick false eyelash NO! Some girls like to paint eye shadow and then apply false eyelashes, in fact, it is not good, if you paint eye shadow and then apply false eyelashes, and false eyelashes will not stick firmly.

Misunderstanding 5: false eyelash is disposable, cannot be used again and again.

For false eyelash, commonly material pledges harder, more not easy deform, repeat use times also can be more. On the contrary, the softer the easier deformation, reuse times will be less. For example the false eyelash that nylon plastic quality of a material maintains proper word is to be able to reuse 20 times above; And the false eyelash that cotton thread, real person hair quality of a material maintains proper maintenance also can use 15 times or so. But most of the girls will tend to choose softer lashes because it’s more natural and comfortable. Ourlash wholesale lashes of a full handmade mink strip lashes can declare 30 times usage because we use full handmade, the strip was made by hand so it’s stronger than the machine made strips and the real mink hair are the best materials for false eyelashes, soft, light and natural, you can refer to Ourlash website to find more styles and information. Ourlash is mink lash vendors and also can make private label eyelash for your business.

In addition, also cannot tear off false eyelash violently when discharge makeup, or false eyelash is likely to be used once cannot be used again.

Ourlash has previously shared how to clean false lashes. In case there’re many new followers recently today I will briefly introduce how to maintain false lashes for a longer time after removing them:

  1. Comb the remaining mascara on false eyelashes with a small steel comb. Remember, clip and comb should be corresponding position, do not make that clip in the left, comb in the right comb.
  2. Comb the false eyelashes with a spiral comb.
  3. Remove the glue from the eyelash stalk with the eyebrow tweezers. 4, Use cleansing lotion or alcohol add water to dilute, with cotton swab dip, gently wipe false eyelash. When dry, you can put it away and save it.