How to draw beautiful and natural lower eyelashes by eyeliner

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Hello beautiful! Welcome to the OURLASH ’s blog to learn how to be more beautiful.

As we all know, Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes are very popular now. Because false eyelashes can be worn without eyelash adhesive, it is very easy to use. Is this a new invention? No, this eyelash was invented seven years ago. But this is a patented product, and it will take five years before everyone can use it. Therefore, the magnet eyeliner eyelashes have slowly become popular in the past two years. No need lashes glue, as long as you apply eyeliner (magnetic eyeliner), your eyelashes can be worn. That’s very easy!

There is also a problem, many girls will have a problem when applying eye makeup. The lower eyelashes are not long or not obvious enough, so that the eye makeup does not look very delicate. So many girls will choose to use eyeliner to draw eyelashes, but this is much more difficult than drawing ordinary eyeliner.

If you want to use eyeliner to draw beautiful and natural lower eyelashes, you need to pay attention to a few points:

  1. If you are a fresh on make up, you must practice more on a white paper, not directly on the face. Starting from the last third of the eye, the gap should be even and long and short.

  2. In order to make the eyes look more natural, be sure to choose the color of the eyeliner pen according to the overall makeup, too dark or too light will affect the overall beauty.

  3. To determine which way to draw eyelashes based on your own eye shape, different eye shapes are suitable for different painting methods. If it is a long eye type, the size of the eyelashes should be from short to long. And the overall lower eyelashes of the round eye type are not suggest to be too long. Only according to your own actual situation, with more practice, can certainly draw the perfect lower eyelashes.

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