Never take off your makeups - Quantum soft magnetic eyelashes

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Summer is coming, I want to ask the delicate girls, are you ready to fight against the sweat out of oil and makeup?

After a long day at work, not only do you need to fix your make-up, but you also need to clean up your mascara. Occasionally, your false eyelashes will fall out because you sweat too much oil! At that time I really wanted to find a hole to bury myself. Ordinary false eyelash are not friendly to the news, you need stick for a long time but still stick twisted and crooked, what’s more it will fall off possibly, also it can cause eye ministry infection because of use improper, the problem that grows bacterium! What’s terrible! But today Our lash will bring an amazing kind of false eyelash-Quantum soft magnetic eyelashes, it will never take off your makeups and even you can go swimming with this eyelash! It was like a miracle!

Magnetic eyelashes as the name suggests is to use magnetic suction directly suction and do not need glue! Although magnetic lashes have been around for a while, problems with manual manipulation and easy wear and tear have kept them from going viral. And this Quantum Magnetic Eyelashes, unlike any other magnetic eyelashes, is purely artificial and non-machined, making the eyelashes comfortable and soft enough to pick up and pick up for up to 30 times. Also, the soft quantum magnet design means you can hardly see the magnet, it feels very light and has no foreign body sensation, and over time you might forget that you're wearing it. What's more, this soft magnetic eyelash is very attractive - it doesn't fall off! Even in the water, it can be kept beautiful; it is necessary for faces without make up girls swimming in hot springs and other water sports!

It's really easy to put it on. Magnetic eyelashes have magnets at each end, and the part of the eyelash with the magnet is below, and a small piece of the same magnetic eyelash is needed. Use magnet opposite sex phase to absorb a principle, do not need to use any glue, want to clip 2 false eyelash only with "sandwich way", clip true eyelash can fix success. Don't worry about taking off makeup and shifting eyelashes! But even if we think that as long as the eyes are slightly closed, and then put the magnet lashes on the root of the eyelashes, and then use the other magnetic false lashes in the bottom of the two seconds to complete, but there will certainly be hand members complain "How do I stick!" So we've come specially equipped with a signature custom Applicator that you can wear effortlessly! Four metal strips are embedded in the applicator to hold the magnetic lashes up and down and then easily place the false lashes in place when the applicator and the eyelid are close together. The applicator is made of high quality biodegradable plastic. It is light in weight and easy to operate. The tip design is suitable for eyes of any shape and size At present, The Quantum soft Magnetic Lashes have received much support and recognition. Would you want a try? Other than the Quantum soft magnetic eyelashes, Our lash is also eyelash vendors for all kinds of lash extensions and mink lashes bulk, we wholesale eyelashes and we have our own design team to explore more and more new products for our customers. Follow Our lash to keep yourself updated in lash line.