How to let your customer accept charges by single removal

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Most eyelash shops promise to repair eyelashes for free within a few days after they have been grafted. Depending on the feedback from different shopkeepers, it is usually 1-2 weeks. So a lot of customers will secretly move the time later, so... Basic equal to re-grafting once, as the eyelash shop it’ll be a lost. According to the experience shared by one of our customers, they changed to free repair within one week at the beginning, and then began to charge by root instead of providing free repair. The repair price is $2 per piece. At that time, there was a great sense of gap and rebelliousness among customers, and the reaction was much larger than expected. Therefore, they found two types of customers for in-depth communication. One type was 3 customers (members) who responded greatly; the other category is loyal customers (members) 3 people. They focused on the feedback of the problem is: some customers are vague about the concept of eyelash repair, just think that the replacement of the eyelash on the lost, which saves time and effort, does not cause much burden to the store; Another part of customers have no concept of compensation, only know that it is a time-saving and labor-saving thing, and will not consume any time.

In last articles Our Lash shared about how to persuade your customer in your technique. Today let’s learn how to persuade your customer in your communication. Customer persuasion Why do you charge for repairs? Answer: Dear customer, we do not only help you repair, but adjust and add. Due to the natural growth cycle of its own eyelashes, some of the grafted eyelashes may grow, which will make the eyelashes look irregular and unattractive. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a single removal. First of all, why do you want to unload a single root? This is for the sake of the health of your eyelashes. When a single eyelash is removed, the false eyelashes should be removed first, and then the aging colloid on true lashes should be removed. On the one hand, it can prevent aging glue from damaging its own eyelashes. On the other hand, it will be more firm to graft other lengths of false eyelash after removal.

Second, please take a look at our standard procedure for single root removal, which is divided into 11 steps in total (see the above operation procedure for the specific content in last article). This is why I always emphasize to you that you should not tear the false eyelashes directly, as it is easy to hurt your eyelashes. The true eyelashes may be directly pulled out. Even if the false eyelashes are only pulled off, the glue residue will age and damage the true eyelashes. In fact, we are not repair, but adjust and add species, is to ensure the health and firmness of the foundation, so that your eyelashes look better, maintain more lasting.

After slowly education, after listening to the introduction, the customer readily accepted the adjustment and addition to charge for this matter (it is not recommended to say that it is repair). With the standard single root removal process and the dialogue template, each beauty cash shop owner, according to the actual situation of their shop to adjust, convince customers and really pay for the single root removal, at the same time for the future single root charge to lay the foundation.

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