The Truth About Mosquitoes and Why They Bite Some Of Us More Than Others?

submitted 2 years ago by Vistaslearning to demcra

Do mosquitoes attack you more than any other person standing next to you?

The most common answer everyone gives in this situation is that their blood is more attractive and tastier which mosquitoes like the most. If this is your answer, then yes! You do have the tastiest blood that mosquitoes prefer on feeding.

Some people have more of certain chemicals like lactic acid, ammonia, uric acid, and CO2. Mosquitoes are attracted to these chemicals and can sense them through their unique antenna.

Most insects like mosquitoes and ants have an antenna to help them with their prey or protect them from being one. Antennae in mosquitoes have 70 different sensory receptors helping them to catch their prey. Also, mosquitoes are more likely to prey on people with the 'O' blood group than those with 'A' or 'B'.

Hope you will take the necessary precautions before your next mosquito attack.