Preparing the eye of family education for the first grade of primary school, the second semester

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Special for family education, first primary Introducing the students to the many blessings of God and thanking them for them, and accustoming them to respect Islamic values ​​and authentic Arab customs. Introducing the students to the noble goals that family education seeks to achieve in society. Providing students with practical and applied skills with beneficial social and economic dimensions. Giving the students the opportunity to practice professional skills that enable them to be useful. Providing students with teamwork skills and appreciation, and recommending them the requirements of a healthy family life and its health, economic and social dimensions. Training the students to use the correct scientific method in many of the life situations they face. Introducing the students to the physical changes that occur to them during growth, and accustoming them to hygiene and respect for it in all areas of life. Encouraging students to practice some activities necessary to provide security and safety at home. Introducing students to some first aid that helps them deal with accidents. Teach the students some positive behavior to maintain public health and the integrity of the senses. Develop students' practical sense of application and the ability to solve problems. To provide students with positive attitudes towards the efforts made by the state to provide social services to all citizens. Providing students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to deal with the data of modern technology. Develop a sense of responsibility among the students towards the homeland, the local environment and society. Providing students with the ability to communicate through graphics, symbols and terms

تحضير فيزياء ثانوي

The general objectives of the family education course Entrusting the correct Islamic belief in the student’s soul and nurturing her with an integrated Islamic education in: her morals, her body, her mind, her language, and her belonging to the nation of Islam. Training her to establish prayer and take it with etiquette and virtues. Develop various basic skills, especially language skill, numerical skill, and motor skills. Provide her with the appropriate amount of information on various topics. Introducing her to God's blessings in herself, and in her social and geographical environment, in order to make better use of the blessings, and benefit herself and her environment. Raising her creative taste, undertaking her innovative activity and developing her appreciation of manual work. Developing her awareness to realize her duties and rights within her age and the characteristics of the stage she is going through, and instilling love for her country and devotion to her rulers. Generate her desire to increase useful knowledge and good deeds, and train her to take advantage of her spare time. Preparing the student for what follows this stage of her life.