lizzard has already figured out where all of this will end up going

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"One of the things we were looking to do was take the story back home, back to family, back to the characters and races which make up Azeroth," Feasel said. "What are our leaders of our factions doing, and what do they think of the situation in the world? We talk to them regularly, but what do they view war? It's a chance for us to take a step back, and remind ourselves of what we're fighting for as well as the people we're fighting for."

While the ending of the story isn't yet clear for players, Blizzard has already figured out where all of this will end up going to lead and how it will affect the next major event in the story. Much of it boils due to the extended lead time to develop new mechanics, regions, and equipment.

"It takes amount of time to create content and it is important to know where the story is headed," Kowalkowski said. "We certainly know where this plot is heading. We're certain of how it is going to dovetail."

Blizzard hopes that through stories and mechanics that it has developed along with the possibility of checking in with characters that are beloved, it will sustain the game's success. The studio ended reporting active users in the year 2015. and the rise of new online games and genres like the loot shooting and battle royale indicate that it's no longer an undisputed king of social-focused online game.

"[Players can] quit for a variety reasons. Sometimes it's just because I had a move or a trip abroad," Kowalkowski said. "I think what we try to do is to create the most exciting game we can. Rise of Azshara was created in response to numerous comments that was received both internally and externally, in terms seeking to give players greater flexibility, choice, and agency."

A large part of keeping the game alive can also mean welcoming players who've been absent for long periods of time, or even ones who had not ever played World of Warcraft before. With so much work to complete after 15 yearsof playing, Rise of Azshara attempts to make the on-ramp smoother than ever and to allow players to reconnect with their friends who may have already put hundreds of hours of the game. If you want to learn more about WoW WoTLK Classic Gold ,please vist