The dielectric strength of the grinder

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The dielectric strength of the grinder is tested, mainly using a withstand voltage tester with a capacity of not less than 3KV. The no-load voltage of the test equipment is 50% 00v of the specified voltage. Gradually increase the voltage to the specified value and keep it for 1min. Then gradually reduce the voltage to the disconnected state to test the withstand voltage performance between the metal shell of the grinder and the wire. In general, the temperature of each bearing is measured with a semiconductor thermometer before the snap off blade assembly quality (Startup) and recorded. Then, after the assembly quality inspection is finished, the temperature of the above bearings is measured again with a semiconductor thermometer, and the difference between the temperature measured earlier and the temperature measured later is subtracted. After that, it is necessary to check the straightness of the cutter grinder, mainly measuring the measured surface according to the fixed distribution, and recording the reading at the same time. Generally, the difference between the large and small readings of the indicator can be approximately used as the straightness error. If necessary, the straightness error can be calculated according to the recorded reading with calculation method (or drawing method) according to small conditions. the tool grinder was called end face grinder in the early days. It is mainly aimed at the medium-sized knife sharpening room of enterprise users' book printing center. The main types of grinder are end grinder, automatic grinder, plane grinder, CNC grinderTool grinder, scraper grinder, printing grinder, paper cutter grinder, multi-functional grinder, double grinding head grinder, printing grinder, etc. after the steel plate metal material is welded by the tool grinder, the vibration aging treatment process is adopted, which staples remover factory can obviously eliminate and reduce the natural deformation degree of the whole machine. The design of the grinder body is changed from the original loose frame structure to the steel plate closed welding structure. The service life of the machine body is greatly prolonged. Features of knife grinder