Ghana DG Set Market Projection, Technological Innovation And Emerging Trends 2030

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A DG Set is also known as a diesel generator set or diesel genset. It is comprised of a diesel engine ad electric generator, made to generate electrical energy. DG sets are mainly used where electricity connections are unavailable to facilitate the link to the power grid. It can also be used as an emergency power supply, which makes it vital for developing countries. Thus, in 2021, the Ghana DG set market valued at $54,572.6 thousand, from where it is expected to grow at a rate of 2.3% from 2021 to 2030, to reach $67,032.6 thousand.

The rising prices of electricity is credited for the increase in the demand for gensets in the country. Due to its expensive nature in the nation, the improving electricity access and distribution infrastructure have failed to lure businesses to utilize it for their operations. Thus, companies in Ghana tend to rely more on DG sets than the grid supply. An inexpensive power supply not only boosts local businesses’ operations but also attracts foreign investments. The Ghana DG set market is also driven by the unpaid bills, slow or no cost recovery, electricity theft, and power cuts.

Numerous manufacturers of gensets are taking expansion measures, which will further favorably impact the Ghana DG set market, due to their operational dependency on diesel generators. They are launching new products, expanding their facilities, and collaborating with other brands to improve their portfolio. They are focused on increasing their customer base, getting a stronger brand recognition, and offering aftermarket services, which include repair, maintenance, and digital services. A significant example is of Takoradi, where Mantrac Group established a new component rebuild center in 2020.

Thus, the infrastructure development projects are significantly leading to a rise in the demand for diesel generators.