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As your refining skills and crafting skills continue to increase, the raw materials will provide you with opportunities for rewards such as armor and weapon privileges, and their output will also be increased. In the current level of production, these upgrades are very applicable, but the level will only increase after the production is completed. Of course, if you want to spend less time, you can use smaller bundles to make them, and some additional resources will be rewarded. But when you upgrade them you will need to use a lot of New World Coins. For novice players, the method of earning New World Coins by doing quests or killing monsters from the game every day is completely enough for them to use. However, as the level increases, the demand for New World Coins will greatly increase, which will cause players to upgrade to one level for many days, thus greatly reducing the progress of the game. In order to speed up the progress of the game, most players will choose to Buy New World Coins from NewWorldCoins, where the price of New World Coins is very favorable, and the transaction is very safe.