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Arto is such a network, which can find a blood donor at the moment of emergency. With a combination of medical Free prescription management system science and information technology, Arto has created a platform where the patient will get the necessary information and services. Users of this platform will use it free of cost in a friendly environment. Our dreams are still in infancy.We are just moving forward with dreams and courage. All patients and users are the key of this network. Our success is in our service to them. We will not be confined to service only, sometimes we will request you, as responsible people of this society, to come forward with help for another miserable person. On the other hand, you will receive help when you need it. This is the original mantra of the network.Bangladesh has progressed a lot in health care. People are getting treatment of many conditions which are difficult to treat anywhere. Average life expectancy has increased. This development has increased treatment cost a lot, which often crosses the border of financial ability of people living in the middle and lower class. In this situation, a group of health and other professional young people are trying to reduce the cost while keeping the standard of treatment unaffected. The result of this endeavor is a digital platform "Arto: Bangladesh Patient Support Network".Arto may not be able to share the pain of the patients, but it may be able to reduce the financial expenses related to treatment. It’s not only a group of enthusiastic young people but also a network through which the patients can be connected with their doctors, a patient with another patient, poor patient with his potential financial supporter.