A Perfect Real Estate Image through HDR Photo Blending - YouTube

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HDR or high dynamic range images are becoming quite the trend in photography recently. The applications to real estate are countless given the potential of different combinations of light and properties showcasing their immense architecture. If the term HDR seems kind of intimidating, do not fret. In the simplest of terms, HDR is a very wide range of light and dark, even wider than the normal camera. It allows a highly contrasted or illuminated photos to be captured and appear as if it were your own eyes that saw it. The beauty of HDR is that it is not a single photo that brings everything in all at once, rather it is a series of several photos ranging from the darkest to the lightest in order to capture the best exposures. The multiple shots are superimposed later on to surface the best parts of the photo and can be enhanced with editing later on.

Now, real estate image blending using HDR can take a turn for the worse if not used correctly. The wide and flexible range of exposure does give a lot of room to for creativity and when the colors begin to blur the lines of fact versus fiction, then some photos may turn out like it was taken from a page of a fantasy book that people may not believe its realistic existence, and may end up losing that sale for your real estate partner.

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