The 5 best apps for BOTS, TOOLS and APPS INSTAGRAM "LIKE" AUTOMATION & Free REAL Followers 2022

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Before you get excited about using an "Instagram like" bot, let me share a secret with you.

All social media platforms' business models are incredibly sophisticated "money extraction" machines.

Insta makes it simple for you to create an organic audience. They will then alter the algorithm in order to reduce your reach and then charge you to reach the same amount of people previously.

Marketers in the fastest-growing industry (fashion food and drinks, among others) must now spend substantial amounts of money to reach their hard-earned clients.

As a result marketers are overwhelmed and cannot sleep well at night time trying to figure out how to make sales through Instagram.

My marketing strategy training sessions have been a huge success. Business owners and marketers who have signed up to my newsletter and attended my marketing strategy classes are now putting in practice proven marketing strategies to grow their audience and increase sales. They also not get caught up in "Instagram followers and likes" automation tools.

If you don't have a top strategy to provide top-quality customer support and achieve your objectives in terms of marketing, the actual advantages of gaining Instagram followers or likes is minimal.

Two reminders:

Your Instagram followers are not yours . You won't be able to move your Instagram fans to another platform. Tips: You must build audiences on the platforms you own. I will teach you how to do this. Instagram will require users to pay for advertisements. The Instagram algorithm will deliberately make it harder to show your content to your followers free of charge. Instagram will continue to lower your reach, and will force you to pay for advertisements so that you can get your followers. Don't waste time trying to gain more followers and "likes" and implement the proven methods for growth hacking. I'll show you how as well. What is an Instagram bot? Instagram Bots or Instagram Automation is a method of using software (often often referred to as " bots") to accomplish certain tasks, usually using the Instagram account. The bots do NOT owned by Instagram. They use Instagram API to complete their tasks. Instagram API to accomplish the tasks that they offer.

The "HT0_ Instagram followers" likes " bots, apps will automatically "like" and "follow" specific content using hashtags or bio keywords.

TASKS COMMON performed by an INSTAGRAM BOT * Likes Follow/Unfollow Comment Direct Messages Posting Images and Stories Deleting Posts*

Instagram Bots also have lots of filters that will ensure it's only engaging with users you want to target. Instagram bot filters can allow you to target users according to:

Gender Localization Not Private There is no need for a profile picture Last Active Follow Ratio "Specific "language" accounts They follow who There's more... With Instagram bots You also have control over how often they interact with each user, and the time they interact. You can control:

When the bot is turned on or off What are the tasks that it must complete within an hour, day or week? Delay Between Each Action THE TOP 3 BENEFITS of paying for an INSTAGRAM BOT SERVICE You will have many more followers than if you run your account manually (in most instances). I say " generally" due to the fact that some individuals or brands do not need bots. Imagine some of the most followed athletes on Instagram investing money to buy an Instagram bot. It's not necessary. Increased website visits. A rise in followers can cause positive effects in the form of driving more traffic to your website and product pages and increasing sales. Save time. A bot that makes "like" in Instagram does the work for you. This is also especially useful for digital nomads that are constantly on the move. These Instagram automation tools are very useful if you're traveling from Brisbane to Cairns or visiting some of the most popular spots. What is the reason these INSTAGRAM AUTOMATION TOOLS CREATED It's a way to increase your Instagram followers and likes without actually doing it manually. It is important to reduce time and effort to get seen on Instagram. These tools are designed to assist you in gaining more followers and likes on Instagram. A lot of business owners with Instagram accounts are now convinced that Instagram helps them grow their businesses. Small-scale business owners are helping Instagram to grow. The majority of people do not wish to realize that they will never have a complete control over their followers on Instagram and Instagram will always be able to get the algorithm to work in their behalf and will force you to pay for ads in order to connect with your followers.

What types of followers should I EXPECT FROM USEING THESE APPS TOOLS & BOTS? As each account is different and unique, the number of followers can vary. There will be more followers when you are consistently sharing high-quality content. Many of these tools don't guarantee any specific number of followers, since these are real people that have to decide for themselves whether or not to follow you.

HOW DO YOU choose the most effective Instagram app or TOOL Your Instagram marketing goals will determine which tool is most effective: Do you wish it to be able to follow or like specific keywords on accounts' bios and posts? or use specific hashtags in posts? or hashtags that are specific to geo-locations? Are you looking for a tool to add comments on specific hashtags? It is easy to be pointed out by users of spammy comments, which is why it is worth thinking twice before buying a tool to automate Instagram comments. A program called IVA ( Instagram Virtual Assistant) might be better for this. If you can, make sure that the server's location and time zone are the same as the time zone and location of your company. This is vital as Instagram can send alert signals to Instagram if someone is trying to sign-up from another location. The tool dashboard permit the addition, saving and/or deleting selected hashtags? What is the highest "like" speed per hour? Check if your application lets you set a cap so you do not get banned by Instagram. Some of these tools permit you to set a number between 10-100 likes per hour. We've heard of some users getting their accounts blocked for "liking" images at a speed of 70 "likes" per hour. It is worth "liking" images at 20-40 times per hour to remain secure. A multi-exact hashtag match types will likely not be available. Let's say that you desire the tool to "like" Instagram images that have both hashtags #instagram AND #marketing. The tool should not "likean image if one of these two does not appear. What is the way that INSTAGRAMS LIKE AUTOMATION TOOLS AND APPS DO WORK? The tool can be connected with Instagram. You will need to join your Instagram account with the tool before you can begin. After you've been connected, you will be granted access to the tool dashboard. Click "It was me". You should have received an email from Instagram to inform you that we attempted to log in. Click " it was me" in the event that you're given the option , and you'll be all set. If you receive this message in the late hours or have denied the log-in request, please let the team behind the tool know that they'll have to reset your account. Typically, you won't have to reset your password. However, when you're asked to do so by Instagram ensure to update your Instagram password in the tool's dashboard too. Instagram account login verification

Add your targeting preferences. Your account will be created to specifically target the Instagram audience that you are interested in engaging with. Save the file and begin to gain followers. After you've perfected your preferences, sit back and relax and revel in your new Instagram followers, and even more likes to your Instagram content. TIPS TO KEPT IN MIND Most Instagram users prefer to follow personal profiles instead of companies. The primary reason is because companies often use their profiles to market their products and their followers do not wish to flood their feeds with advertisements for sales. Companies benefit from having a smaller number of followers who are more interested in their product or service. This means that they are able to increase their sales at a slower pace. WHAT REASONS DOES INSTAGRAM NOT BOTHER Instagram's Terms and Conditions state that "likes" or automated posts are not allowed. Instagram has implemented anti-spam/anti-bot restriction that includes restricting users from liking too many photos in a short time, or from commenting on the same topic repeatedly and repeatedly.

Instagram opposes using bots, however, it's easy to tell the people who are using them, so why don't they take action to stop it?

For one thing, Instagram needs to show solid growth. Meta the company behind Instagram must release its financial earnings each quarter. It must demonstrate an increase in the number of users using its flagship products, as well as, just as important, healthy engagement. Growth and engagement are the primary drivers for Meta's stock and any drop in either could send shares south.


INFLACT The next tool for automation is a computer-based tool which is designed to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Combin uses relevant hashtags and location searches to connect with the most possible customers. It also comes with several other features however one worth mentioning is that it can track your competitors' activity and performance. It comes with the ability to limit your actions to 250 per day, but it's absolutely free. AR:1.5M

KICKSTA We tried Kickstagram for 3 months and we obtained an net gain of 381 new followers. This Instagram account we use is for this test and has only 30 posts . It is focused on Digital Marketing. Kicksta was able to "like" posts that was posted by other digital marketing related Instagram accounts throughout the testing. The total cost of three months would have been USD$147. Each month would cost USD$49. This is 38c pereach net follower. AR: 38.1k

SOCIAL BUDDY Social Buddy is a social media marketing tool that will help you increase your Instagram followers organically. We drive real targeted users to your Instagram profile. Real growth, real people who are interested in your posts or industry. Most of our clients increase 200-500 followers per week and at the same time, their Instagram popularity increases dramatically. Prices start at $36/month. AR: 244k.