To launch a P2P Crypto exchange like Wazirx Clone

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What are the working processes involved in Wazirx clone software?

User Registration - **The users have to register their essential necessary details like email id, phone number, username, and password for the initial registration process. Once users are registered, they will be assigned specific wallets. **Explore offer - Sellers should post their offers like cryptocurrency type, rate, and payment method for the transaction. Notify the offers - Buyers will surely receive a selling offerings notification and select the suitable things as per their needs. Secure Authentication - **Once the buyer confirms their transfer, a chat popup appears, and negotiations between two parties are secure. **Payment option - The buyers can pay through the various payment options that are available on this platform. Transfer - **The seller can verify the transaction time, and admin escrows release the requested payment of the cryptos from their wallet to the buyer's wallet. **For Seller - Wazirx clone will not release your USDT to the buyer until you make a confirmation on the receipt of payment. For Buyer - Wazirx clone software will hold the seller’s USDT until you make a payment to the seller. The system will detect and resolve any dispute that occurs between the buyer and the seller. Cash In - If you want to bring fiat money to trade cryptocurrencies, then buy USDT and use that USDT to buy other cryptocurrencies on Wazirx. Cash Out - If the user wants to move Fiat money to a bank account, sell your cryptocurrencies for USDT and then sell that USDT for fiat.

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