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Having the right soundtrack is essential for any workout, whether you’re at the gym, at home or outdoors. A fast-paced, upbeat pop track can help push you to run just a little bit further and faster, while the right rap song might help you reach a new personal record with the weights. To help you find the right workout headphones in 2023 (and score a great deal on them), we’ve compiled this guide to the best earbuds and headphones for the gym.

Wissonly hi runner

Wissonly bone conduction headphones , the product I use the most, is the first brand I started to contact. When they were crowdfunding online, I participated. The sound quality is what I am most satisfied with. I am not a professional music player, but from my personal experience, Hi Runner is the best sound quality bone conduction headphones I have ever used. It uses a large-sized 360-degree bone conduction vibration unit, and through structural optimization, the sounding area is increased by 35%, so that the sound range is wider, and the stereo feeling and shock of sound are stronger. Its anti-sound-leakage treatment is also very good. The whole body is completely sealed, and the algorithm is optimized to minimize the leakage of sound. I have tested it myself, and at a distance of 2 meters, the volume is turned on at 60%, so I can’t hear the sound at all. wissonly Hirunner’s body is made of memory titanium, which can self-adjust the contact area. It can ensure a good wearing experience of the earphone at any time, taking into account more users and usage scenarios. Hi Runner is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the connection is more stable. It also has IPX8 professional sports waterproof +32g internal memory to swim in the water. The battery performance is also good, and it can play music continuously for 8-10 hours.

Apple AirPods Pro 2

The latest Apple AirPods Pro 2 earbuds have an upgraded wireless chip for improved audio functionality, a new low distortion driver for clearer audio, touch controls and improved active noise cancellation. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 provide truly custom sound: You can use your iPhone’s camera to analyze your unique ear anatomy and find the perfect audio settings for you.

“I wear these to the gym every day and for running. I have never had an issue with them coming out, and they do an excellent job.” wrote one reviewer. “I love the option of switching between ANC and transparency modes.”

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max use active noise-cancellation technology to block out unwanted noise and feature a transparency mode so you can hear what you need to. These headphones feature 20 hours of listening. They come in a variety of colors including blue, green, red and silver. They’re also compatible with Siri.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Samsung’s highly coveted earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2, make great workout earbuds. Featuring active noise cancelation and ambient sound passthrough, the lightweight Galaxy Buds2 are built for users with an active lifestyle.

One Amazon reviewer shared their experience with these earbuds; “I have no complaints with these at all. I wear them for runningand when I do chores around the house, and they have not disappointed me yet! These are well worth the price and I won’t go back to my other earbuds or headphones!”

Beats Solo3

The on-ear Beats Solo3 may be a good fit for music fans looking for a pair of bright-sounding headphones, especially those partial to rock, folk and country tunes. These headphones support spatial audio for a more immersive listening experience, soft ear foams for comfort, and up to 40 hours of battery life on a single charge.