20This creates a continuous gameplay loop

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20This creates a continuous gameplay loop, where players are continuously encouraged to open packs in the hope of obtaining upgraded cards to keep up with other players,21 condemns the report.

It also alleged that because FIFA16 pack probabilities are 20dynamically generated21, they 20can potentially be manipulated in real time based on any number of factors, all with the objective of incentivizing and maximizing spending21. The NCC allege that players on the verge of halting purchases to a run of bad luck could be artificially given a high-value card to draw them back, and say a lack of adequate transparency measures means this is entirely possible.


Summarising, the NCC say 20the probability of obtaining high-value cards is exceedingly low, and it is impossible for the player to know how much money they would need to spend to obtain certain cards.21

Referring to both FIFA 22 and Raid: Shadow Legend, the report says 20it appears obvious that the design and mechanisms driving in-game purchases in these games are predatory, manipulative, and exceedingly aggressive, targeting consumer vulnerabilities at every opportunity.21

The report has been backed by 20 consumer groups across 18 companies, and every backer has urged governments across the world to regulate loot boxes. Following the NCC findings, the report calls for gaming companies to be banned from 20using deceptive design to exploit consumers21 and says in-game currencies should 20always be denominated in real-world currency.21

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