Instagram Follower Bot Everything you need to Know by 2022

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In the beginning of Instagram the growth marketer and wannabe influencers made use of what's known as an Instagram follower bot.

What is what is an Instagram Follower Bot? It's pretty much what it sounds like. A bot for Instagram follows Instagram follower robot will identify ineffectively targeted Instagram accounts that have specific keywords on their profiles. It will automatically follow them and like their posts on your Instagram account.

In this way, the expectation was that you would increase your own Instagram followers by getting a follow-back from only a tiny portion of the accounts that your Instagram following bot follows.

But, the trend has been drastically altered due to various reasons. First and foremost, the strategy has become less effective and less as people are becoming aware of the tactic and it's much more difficult to attract followers in 2022 than a few years before.

In the end, finding a low-cost or free Instagram follower bot is exactly the same as making the huge mistake of purchasing Instagram followers. The result is an inflated number of followers, almost any engagement, and a long list of followers that are clearly fake.

The main reason why it is the Instagram followers bot trend has slowed down However, the reason is that accounts that are bot-followers for Instagram usually ruin their image. For the past few years, Instagram has pushed back on accounts that try to cheat the system with false followers, and growth which is almost entirely artificial. Furthermore, this type of behavior doesn't conform to Instagram's rules, and accounts that cheat their way to growth are often banned or removed completely.

In the opposite direction of Instagram's crackdown, accounts that have greater organic Instagram growth have been rewarded by the algorithm of the platform with greater visibility and engagement.

Does anyone know of Instagram bots that are working?

This is the best part The following points can deter you from your search for the most effective follower bot on Instagram.

If you're wondering, "Are there any Instagram bots that work?" You're in luck.

Because what if I told you that there's a happy balance between organic and artificial ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram? Not only that it's also a new solution that's:

100% approved by Instagram

It is automatically triggered by auto-reply tools and

Offers orders of magnitude greater organic engagement on Instagram.

It's true, Bigbangram for Instagram has arrived in 2022, and is what you're seeking as it'll bring you the kind of followers that you're looking for. The most important goal of Instagram is to gain followers who will engage with your content.

Most important, however, by using Bigbangram, a 100% Instagram-approved service provider, you don't put your account at risk of being shut down permanently or suspended.

In this article, we'll discuss how you can increase the number of followers using an Instagram bot the right method. You'll get all of the advantages of using automated messaging tools for Instagram as well as none of the drawbacks to growing your followers on Instagram by using artificial means.

Here's our agenda for how you can create an Instagram bot to get users to follow you on Instagram:

The most efficient Instagram bot for gaining followers.

Bot Followers on Instagram with Comment Auto-Responder.

Make the DM email into an Instagram followers lead funnel with auto-reply messages.

Use the Instagram Stories Mentions Bot to gain more followers and to build brand loyalty.

The Instagram bot for growth of followers to Clubhouse influencers.

How do I build an Instagram follower bot.


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The best Instagram bot to Increase Followers

As I'm sure you also do I think it's important not to make blanket assertions or make grandiose statements regarding a service or product without supporting it with facts.

See the stats on Larry Kim's Instagram after just a few days of using Bigbangram's engagement tools for Instagram.

These results from Larry's very first month using Instagram interaction tools is astounding:

Visits to Profiles are up 255 percent.

Site Taps up 249 percent.

A plethora of new Instagram followers are added every week.

It's like a DM (direct message) inbox that's overflowing with legitimate requests.

Impressions are up 171% every month.

It's not just the newly added Instagram followers that Larry receives. Larry's InstagramDM inbox is receiving thousands of messages each week. The most interesting thing is that these messages are not the usual Instagram auto-reply message. The DMs Larry receives contain keywords within them that Larry advised followers to include in his posts about Larry's top tips to boost involvement on Instagram.

In addition, Larry is receiving messages from prominent influencers, models (regarding business ) as well as actual billionaires and other celebrities I'm not able to name, but you certainly already know their names.

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Auto-Reply to comments on Instagram to Generate Followers & Increase Traffic

Remember that the title of the game on Instagram is "engagement." In fact, I believe that's the Newtonian law in physics:

"Instagram Engagement = More Instagram Followers"

Sir Isaac Newton, Circa 1700 AD

No matter how funny, it really is that simple.

Add the Instagram Comment Auto-Responder to posts on your Instagram posts is a guaranteed way to grow the number of followers and engagement on Instagram.

And a instrument that influencers and marketing professionals have dreamed about for years.

Instagram Comment Auto-Responders by Bigbangram will allow you to automatically reply to the comments posted on your Instagram posts with an engaging chat-based dialogue. This is an illustration of a Comment Auto-Responder, which is activated when you type in the keyword "INSTATOOLS" :

Instagram Follower Bot: Comment Auto-Responder

Autoresponders are easy to setup and effective. For all of your Instagram posts, you can ask your followers to leave comments with the specific keyword. When people comment with the keyword, it triggers an action that allows you to begin conversations using any dialog you like. There are several options to choose from:

Send Instagram users on your website.

Subscribers to your newsletters via email, SMS text messages, Facebook Messenger promos, and other channels of communication.

Get their contact details captured using one of many lead generation tools made available by Bigbangram.

Request them to follow you!

Comment Auto-Responders dramatically increase the visibility of your content because not only can you opt these leads into your funnel, and then capture their contact details for retargeting and retargeting, you'll also earn Instagram Trigger Points for the algorithm to reward the additional engagement!

So, instead of following blindly Instagram accounts and hoping they follow back with the kindness of their followers, consider this alternative. Set up the Instagram Comment Auto-Responder to your next post . Add, "Be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date on the most current [topic related to your content[topic related to your content]" with a backlink to your site in the chat box.

Grow your Instagram followers with DM Auto-Reply Tools

Instagram DM (direct message) bots are extremely helpful in business, and also for engaging users.

Bigbangram's Instagram DM bot is a superior version of one of Instagram's own business-oriented features -" Instagram Fast Replies.

Yet, Quick Replies aren't exactly efficient, and there's an immense gap for marketers seeking to maximize the use of Instagram for business with the existing messaging capabilities on the platform.

That's due to the fact that Instagram DMs didn't have an API for developers, which allowed the use of private messaging on a massive scale and excluded Instagram from the majority of chat marketing funnels.

Bigbangram is now able to have control over Instagram's (somewhat outdated) DM inbox with multiple functions and scenarios including:

Instantly reply to all Instagram DMs by auto-replying tools as well as triggers for keywords as well as the ability to provide questions (frequently requested questions).

Create a custom welcome message for anyone who has sent you an Instagram DM for the first time.

Generate leads and gather valuable feedback and data with form for sending emails.

Opt-in tools that help you build your contact lists . Follow up with engagers via email, SMS, and Messenger.

Build a menu-based chatbot like in the below video where customers can pick and choose what they'd prefer to learn about your product or service.

Ask them to follow you!

Each of these use cases could be an ideal opportunity to acquire more Instagram followers, particularly the last one.

Here's an example of the Bigbangram Instagram Welcome Message in the course of action:

Instagram follower bot: Auto-reply to DMs

By using Bigbangram's Instagram Page Welcomer feature from Bigbangram, it's incredibly simple to guide people through your funnel and ultimately capture email addresses as well as other vital contact details.

Try it yourself using the Bigbangram Instagram page by hitting the Message button, then say "Hello" (must have to be performed on a mobile device).

Auto-Reply to Mentions on Instagram Stories to Get More Followers

I'll continue to drive this point to the conclusion of this article Engagement is the only way to 'win' on Instagram and increase your number of followers. Instagram rewards engagement, not your Follower count. This is why some things go viral and accounts snowball to stardom.

The best method to begin increasing engagement is to be active in conversation with followers. And Bigbangram's instant reply tool for Instagram Story Mentions is among the most unique and desired tools to land on Instagram in the coming years.

So, get ready for one of the ultimate Instagram Story hacks that you'll need to include in your arsenal of tools immediately!

Mentions are very important on Instagram. This is like receiving a positive review or shout-out. Every time your business is mentioned on Instagram positively can be a chance to promote the most effective type of marketing you can find -- word-of mouth.

People trust the opinions of the people they know better than other sources. In fact 58% of Instagram users feel they've become attracted to a company or product after seeing it in an Instagram Story. And more than 80% of users on Instagram have decided to purchase a product after seeing that item on Instagram.

Bigbangram's Instagram Story Mentions tool can start a chat chat whenever someone mentions your brand in the caption of their Instagram Story.

Here's an illustration using the Instagram Story Mentions tool in the action. I'm sharing an Instagram Story that mentions Bigbangram.

In the middle of the video looping below it will be apparent that, immediately after sharing the story on my Instagram Story, a notification appears at to the right of my screen (next next to the yellow arrow).

It's an email from Bigbangram that says "Awesome! ".

Follower bot on Instagram for Stories

Watching the short video above you might be aware of the second secret device that's in Bigbangram's Instagram Story Mentions tool -- the ability to add the URL to Instagram Stories every time you're mentioned.

The next time someone mentions you via the form of an Instagram Story, try sending an acknowledgement note and include a promotion as an extra 'thank you'. A thank-you note as well as an offer is one of the best ways to market direct I've ever seen.

The Story Mentions tool from Bigbangram will definitely encourage Instagram users to share more of your brand's content in their stories while promoting customer loyalty!

Instead, make the most possible use of UGC (user created content) and, in your thank you note, be sure to include the value of a follow and what it would bring to your life in case they're not already.

Send fully automated drip campaign sequences that are targeted to Instagram contacts

One of the most popular Instagram DM tools by Bigbangram, are drip marketing campaigns.

Drip campaigns have been accessible to Bigbangram members on Facebook for some time. In no way is it surprising that drip campaigns are a favorite among Bigbangram users due to their being extremely effective in boosting engagement on Instagram as well as working Facebook leads into your sales funnel.

Do you want to see a live demonstration of what Instagram's DM drip campaigns operate?

Visit Larry Kim's Instagram page and click on"Message. "Message" option.

Then then, send Larry an immediate message with the word "DRIP" to initiate this drip-like sequence! You'll receive five useful messages within 5 minutes.

Do you want to know more? Instagram direct messaging marketing campaigns, like drip sequences?

Learn how to make Instagram DM drip campaigns, step-by-step!

the Instagram follower bot for influential people as well as Growth Hackers: The Clubhouse Lead Gen Funnel

Are you currently or aspiring Clubhouse influencer? If so, this hack to gain more followers Instagram is worth every penny.

We're discussing Clubhouse in a piece about the best Instagram following bot you've probably figured out it's a hack. However, I'm able to show you that it does work effectively. If you're in the market for Instagram bots for growth You should know about it!

It's difficult to believe, but through Clubhouse's Clubhouse lead generation funnel, our founder Larry Kim, had his reach on Instagram quadruple within one week!

If Larry Kim saw the explosive growth of Clubhouse the company, he immediately did the same thing that any top digital marketing professional would do, search for business growth opportunities which could be scaleable.

And the most powerful Instagram magic trick we've learned in 2022 lies using the Clubhouse app as well as Instagram DMs. Here's how to create the lead generation funnel for Clubhouse to Instagram that will make your DM inbox overflowing with highly-targeted leads!

Get the Clubhouse application.

Build a following. It's important to be strategically focused in this. Try these simple solutions:

Let your Clubhouse bio shine.

Make it an engaging piece of content on its own.

You can add several CTAs to your Clubhouse Bio.

Select large Clubhouse rooms to take part in discussions with influencers.

Collaborate with industry peers and share your knowledge and voice as often as you can.

Increase your influence through hosting a Clubhouse area.

Create an Instagram Growth hack DM funnel using a Bigbangram auto-reply chatbot. You can ask for an email address, and add a link the landing page you have created or a lead magnet into your conversational question and answer chatbot.

Connect your Clubhouse with your Instagram profile by using the CTA to DM a keyword trigger that you predefined when creating your Bigbangram DM funnel.

Control this ever-changing pipeline of hot leads by using your Bigbangram OmniChat(r) inbox that combines all of your company's DM inboxes on one screen.

Check out the video below for Larry's personal recap of his top Instagram growth strategies!

How to Build an Instagram Follower Bot

Here's how to construct an Instagram follower bot by using only one of the Instagram tools available from Bigbangram:

Step 1: Sign-up to InstaChamp for FREE to get started.


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Step 2: Make sure you connect to your Instagram account with Bigbangram.

Step 3: Utilize the Bigbangram chatbot builder for creating automated messages to respond to mentions, comments, Instagram Stories, create Instagram welcome messages, and a whole lot more!

Use the Bigbangram chatbot builder for free and marketing automation tools on Instagram to instantly connect your business to prospects and customers to build leads, reconnect with customers, and offer real-time assistance.

Every one of Bigbangram Instagram tools including tools for growing your email list to segmenting an audience to sending Instagram bulk messages -- not one Instagram tool from Bigbangram requires any advanced programming knowledge (other that an API for Bigbangram). Bigbangram API)

Make use of buttons, images and notifications Zapier connections and more to automate your Instagram chatbot dialogue.

From Bigbangram's chat dashboard, explore every Instagram application for automated messaging you need in a user-friendly visual interface.

Instagram Follow Bot:

The best method to gain an increase in followers for Instagram with a bot is to design your bot in a way that users will be drawn to you naturally.

It's true that earning followers may not be as swift as the old Instagram growth hack of finding the most efficient Instagram follow-unfollow bot however, if you're serious about growing your reach on Instagram Earning followers is definitely the best method.

Instagram accounts that use MoibileMonkey's Instagram advertising tools especially when paired with engaging content, will generate automated activity and interactions which are perceived as organic and lead to a significant increase in genuine followers. Most importantly, using Bigbangram, you'll be working with a software that comes with 100% Instagram-approved engagement tools.

The addition of Messenger to Instagram will result in an 3.3 billion user network. With Facebook Messenger users and Instagram Messenger users, it's about 43 percent of the world's inhabitants on a single chat platform.

Start with 100% Instagram-approved tools in Bigbangram's Instagram Bot. Bigbangram Instagram Bot today!

Apply now for earlier access the Instagram chat tools.

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Important Next Steps

Create your own automated sales funnel in InstaChamp. Start with no cost today.

Chat and learn about automation with other people who are also interested. Sign up to Bigbangram Island, our Facebook group of 40K entrepreneurs and marketers that are waiting to help you.

Improve your marketing effectiveness Enhance your marketing effectiveness Sales Automation School, a free tutorial and training space for marketers and sales professionals.

A lot of frequently asked questions on Instagram Follower Bots

Q: What is an Instagram following bot?

A: An Instagram followerbot will locate specifically targeted Instagram accounts that have specific keywords in their profiles and automatically follow them and follow their posts on your Instagram account.

Instagram follower bots can be used for increasing the quantity of followers on an Instagram account, as well as to increase the visibility and engagement of posts.

They are utilized by Instagram account owners to grow their following rapidly, however, they must be used with caution, as they could infringe Instagram's terms of service.

Q: Is Instagram follower bots still an issue?

A: In the early days of Instagram growth marketers as well as wannabe influencers made use of what's known as an Instagram follower bot.

The Instagram following bot can automatically follow and like Instagram profiles that make use of specific keywords in their bios.

The idea was that if you received a follow-back from just only a small portion of the accounts your Instagram follower bot had followed, you'd have the ability to build up an own Instagram following by attracting people who already follow you.

This has dramatically changed. Today, Instagram follower bots have been identified to be in violation of Instagram's terms of service . This could cause that an Instagram account to be shut down for the infraction.

Q: Do you have any Instagram bots that function?

A: While traditional Instagram follower bots pose a risk to the Instagram account owner Bigbangram Instagram DM bots are an approved Instagram solution that employs AI and natural methods to get more fans on Instagram.

Instagram DM automation is:

100% approved by Instagram

Automatically runs using auto-reply tools

Gets more organic interaction on Instagram

Bigbangram to Instagram is exactly what you need to acquire the right followers.

Look over this case study from Larry Kim's Instagram after just 30 days of using Bigbangram's engagement tools for Instagram.

Results of Larry's initial month of using Instagram methods of engagement are astonishing:

Profile visits are up by 255 percent

Website Taps are up 249%

Thousands of new Instagram followers are added every week

An DM (direct message) Inbox that's overflowing with legit inquiries

Impressions are up by 171% per month

Larry's DM is also receiving hundreds of messages every week!

Q: How do auto-reply on comments on Instagram to build followers and increase traffic?

A: Instagram Comment Auto-Responders, created by Bigbangram, allows you to immediately respond to comments made on your Instagram posts with an engaging chat-based dialogue.

Autoresponders are very simple to set up and extremely effective.

Request your followers to respond to a specific hashtag when you publish on Instagram. If they comment with the word, it triggers the sequence, which lets you start an ongoing discussion with comments. These are some of the popular options:

Send Instagram traffic to one of your landing pages.

Subscribers to your newsletters via email Text messages sent via SMS, Facebook Messenger promos, and other channels of communication.

Get their contact details captured using one of many lead generation tools offered by Bigbangram.

Invite them to follow your example!

Q: How do I get more Instagram followers using DM automate-reply programs?

The answer is Bigbangram lets you take control over Instagram's DM inbox with multiple tools and cases of use for example:

All Instagram DMs can be instantly responded to by auto-reply systems Keyword triggers, as well as the ability to respond to questions (often frequently asked questions).

Personalize a welcome message to all your followers who are the first time users of your DM.

Forms for emails can help you generate leads and get important information and details from your customers.

Make contact lists for your followers and follow up with your followers via opt-in tools and send them messages via SMS, emails and Messenger chatbots.

Allow users to select what services or products they would like to learn more about by using chatbots with menus.

You can request them to provide you with an 'follow'

Q: How can auto-reply to posts on Instagram Stories in order to increase my followers?

A: Bigbangram's Instagram Story Mentions tool will initiate a conversation with you when someone mentions your brand on the caption of their Instagram Story.

Utilizing Bigbangram's tool for Story Mentions will definitely encourage Instagram users to share more of your company's brand on their Instagram Stories, while also fostering loyal customers!

Q: How do I distribute drip campaign sequences to target Instagram accounts?

A Drip campaigns are a favorite among Bigbangram users because they're efficient in both growing engagement on Instagram and creating Facebook leads down your funnels for marketing.

Here's how to set up a drip campaign:

Step #1 Step 1: Campaigns > Drip Campaigns > Create drip campaigns

Step #2: Select your Drip Campaign Audience

Step #3: Choose the Time Between DM Drips and design your Dialogue

Step #4: Add Conversational Chat Widgets (Optional)

Step #5 Review and set your Drip Campaign Live

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up drip campaigns look at our blog post on Best Instagram Direct Message Marketing Examples and Templates (+Drip Campaigns).

Q: How can I design an Instagram follower bot?

A: This is how to create the perfect Instagram follower bot using just one of the Instagram tools from Bigbangram:

Step 1: To start, sign up for InstaChamp for free.

Step 2: Link your Instagram Account to Bigbangram.

Step 3: With The Bigbangram chatbot maker, you can design automated messages that respond to comments, mentions, Instagram Stories, welcoming messages for Instagram and a myriad of other tasks.

Use the Bigbangram code-free chatbot builder and marketing automation tools on Instagram to connect your company with prospects and customers to create leads, engage customers, and offer real-time support.

None of Bigbangram's Instagram tools, from strategies for growing email lists or segmenting an online audience or blasting Instagram mass message bursts require any expertise in programming (other that an understanding of the Bigbangram API).

The best method to get the most followers Instagram by using a bot to utilize your bot in a manner that people desire to follow you in a natural way.

Get Instagram-approved tools from Bigbangram's Instagram Bot. Bigbangram Instagram Bot today!

Q: Do chatbots improve sales?

A Yes, when implemented, chatbots are able to increase sales. Numerous companies have begun using chatbots in e-commerce and learning to sell online products using chatbots takes only a few minutes of trial and error with your own products or services. Chatbots are now a very popular marketing tool in online business because a well-programmed chatbot is a 24/7 sales assistant to your business.

Chatbots are also among the most popular e-commerce marketing tools that help to increase Direct Response Marketing campaigns. This is particularly relevant for affiliates as chatbots have become a must-have affiliate marketing tool in general.

Engagement is an essential element in the world of today's online marketing that is fast-paced selling, and selling using live chat will give you an advantage, since there's nothing more stimulating for your customers than live chat functionality for them to interact with.

Adding a web chat for support for customers to your site and other channels open up the possibility of a wide range of sales opportunities.

Q: Are there any danger in the use of Instagram bots?

A The Instagram follower bots could adversely impact your engagement over time.

The Instagram follower bots are widely known. If Instagram users notice that you're utilizing follower bots, most people will cease engaging with you, or offer less engaging engagement.

Additionally, it's impossible to completely automatize genuine participation. If you are confident that your content is of top quality, Instagram bots may be able to help you establish a real following and interaction.

A bot that follows you on Instagram Instagram follower bot can also infringe Instagram's rules of use and put your Instagram account at risk getting banned from shadows.

In the event that your account is suspended, Instagram will make all your posts inaccessible to anyone who aren't followers of yours. You will not be able to build your brand's reputation in the future since people won't be able to discover it if you include any hashtags in a post.

Q: How can you utilize your Instagram bot without getting shadow-banned?

A When you're starting out on Instagram and are following hundreds of profiles each per day Instagram could pick up on this. Start your following and interactions slowly while gradually increasing the number of interactions as your account expands.

When it comes to growing your network, one mistake that many make is attempting to contact anyone who's not interested in your field.

Make certain that your bot is posting to Instagram account and using hashtags that are relevant to your business to develop a consistent and genuine following.

Do some Instagram engagement by yourself (don't allow the bot to do your work). If you automatize all of your Instagram actions, it may be a case of shadow-banning your account.

Respond to comments, engage in others' posts by liking and sharing posts. What is most essential to keep in mind is to interact with your followers to build an intimate relationship, and to let them feel your real presence.

A: Can you suggest some alternative methods for using Instagram bots?

A: We've got a couple of suggestions that you could make instead of stressing about Instagram follower bots.

  1. Engage yourself with your followers

While this is more time-consuming but you can make authentic interaction with your followers, build relationships and understand your target audience better than ever before.

  1. Employ an assistant or a social media assistant

We realize this may not be the most cost-effective for your business, but in the end, you'll see the benefits of having someone who is real assist you on your Instagram instead of. having to manage bots.

  1. Time is everything

So you can't afford the services of an assistant, or social media manager right now and that's fine. Be patient and write appealing content, utilize captivating images and videos and talk to your followers in a genuine tone.

If you are able to take an extra 20-30 minutes per day interacting with your followers your followers, the benefits will be far more valuable than the benefits bots can offer!

A great option is using the social media management tools such as InstaChamp that can assist you to make your social media posts more efficient, as well as hashtags, as well as some interactions with followers.

This allows you to create a schedule and then forget about it , while engaging in a genuine way with your customers.

As you will observe, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to bots being used on Instagram. It is crucial to weigh all the benefits and drawbacks prior to making a choice and determining whether it can help your company.

In the final analysis, Bigbangram is a 100 100% Instagram-approved automated engagement with replying to comments and DM automation. In addition, we do not automate following accounts that violate Instagram's Terms of Service.

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Do some Instagram interaction on your own (don't rely on the bot). If you automate all of your Instagram activity, your account may be shadow-banned. backrooms

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You have most likely heard of them spin the wheel. Initially, this appeared to be a straightforward method for gaining Instagram followers. At that early stage, there was no real risk to your account or reputation, nor did it pose a threat to your identity.

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The Instagram Follower Bot is a program that automatically follows and comments on Instagram snake io accounts. It is designed to help users get more followers by automatically following and commenting on other people’s accounts.