How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on All Platforms

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There are many motives why you want to see someone's story without them knowing that they are there. I am not here for you to judge, but instead to demonstrate how you can view Instagram Stories anonymously on Android, iOS, and the web. You are able to view Stories from both private and public accounts. To see Stories on private accounts, it is necessary follow them in order for the feature to work. That being said, here's how to view Instagram stories without revealing your identity. Let's start with Android.

There are many reasons why you want to see someone's story without them knowing it. I am not here for you to judge, but instead to demonstrate how to view Instagram Stories anonymously on Android, iOS, and the web. You can access Stories via private and public accounts. To see Stories from private accounts, you have be following them for the feature to work.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

In the meantime, here's how to view Instagram stories with no privacy. Let's begin with Android.

While there are many applications available to view as well download Instagram stories however, my favorite is Silent Stories because it has a clean UI without any advertisements. But, you are able to watch fifteen Instagram stories per data when you download the app for free. In the future, you will have to wait 24 hours for credits to refresh.

  1. Download and install Silent Stories (Instagram story viewer app) from the Google Play Store

  2. After opening the app, log in using your Instagram account. This account will be used to view Stories on private accounts as these apps do not have direct access to those accounts. Nevertheless, you'll view their stories anonymously.

Log in using Instagram using the Silent Story app

  1. Once you are logged into your account, you will see all the stories of the users you've followed. You can access and save your stories, without them being aware of it.

Silent Stories app Android

  1. It is possible to use the search page and search for any user to read their posts.

Google Search Option apps for silent tales android

  1. It is also possible to add users to your favorites list. In this way, you can simply click on the "Favorites" tab to look up all posts from users you've added to your favorites.

silent stories Instagram app favorite tab

Naturally, it is possible to are able to additionally download Instagram stories if you wish. As I said, the free version gives you the ability to download or view 15 stories every day. You can sign up for an upgrade to a premium subscription that gives you unlimited access. It costs $2.99/month and $18 a year.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on iPhone In contrast to Android many apps on iOS are paid apps or have many features locked within the premium membership. Although you can purchase an upgrade to a premium membership, some apps such as Blindstory offer more features for free. Additionally, it allows users to view stories from private accounts without cost.

  1. Get and Install the Blindstory (Instagram Story viewer app) through the Apple Store. After you have downloaded the app, open the application.

  2. Tap on the Login using Instagram option at the bottom of the page and sign into Instagram using your Instagram credentials.

Blindstory Login using Instagram

  1. After you've finished, are the stories about the accounts you follow, as well as private accounts. Press them to open and view the story.


  1. You could also search for an account if you want to do so by using the search feature.

  2. Once you are in any account, you are able to save them and locate them in the favorites tab for quick access.

Favorite on Blindstory app

The free version of Instagram offers the possibility to see only four stories every day. To increase the number you can join a monthly subscription of $2.99 however it will not let the user download Instagram stories like Android apps.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on the Desktop Web Instagram is an app that is primarily used on mobiledevices, but it does not mean that we don't have the option to view Insta Stories anonymously on desktop.

  1. Open Chrome as well as any browser that runs Chromium Then, install this extension Anonymous View to Instagram Stories extension by opening this link and then clicking on the Add to Chrome button.

Anonymous View for Instagram Stories

  1. Click on Add-extension and confirm the installation.

Add extension to Chrome

  1. Once you've finished, click an extension icon on the top left corner. Then , select the Anonymous View for Instagram Story extension.

Openiong Anonymous Instagram Chrome Extension

  1. This will open the extension within the new tab. This is where you can view the complete list of stories posted by users whom you follow. If you cannot find any stories listed here, you need to go to and log in with an Instagram account.

Anonymous Chrome Extension

  1. In addition to viewing stories on IG stories of the people you follow however, you can also access the search option to look for users and read their stories.

  2. This extension also allows you to download content while you're viewing.

Download Button on Instgaram Status

View Stories in Privacy Aside from these apps numerous other apps are also available on all platforms. But there are some of the best apps that have no ads and have more when you download your free trial version. Also they all have the best UX and UI. However, you can also benefit from other apps since you are only able to view some stories on the basic version. You can instead use multiple apps to view IG stories from multiple accounts rather than just one.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously for free without the need for any apps Now here is another crude yet simple method to stream Insta stories in privacy. The trick is to open the Instagram app either on your Android phone or iPhone. The app will load certain stories from the most recent stories onto your phone.

When you are done, turn on the Flight Mode (Airplane mode)!

This lets you view the Stories privately. Just ensure you close the app when you're done, before turning OFF in flight mode (airplane mode).

Many people have an alternate account anonymous for snooping on Insta stories. However, that's too difficult for most.