Instagram Hashtags: Everything You Have to Know in 2022

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Instagram hashtags are among many of the best ways to get more eyes (and more engagement!) for your Instagram posts in 2022.

However, how do you make use of hashtags on Instagram? How can you identify the most effective hashtags for your Instagram account? Which hashtags are trending today? And should they go into your caption or the comments?

We'll answer these questions, and more in our complete information guide on Instagram hashtags on the Stack-writer.

How Do Instagram Hashtags Are Working?

Instagram hashtags are fundamentally a way to label and categorize your content. They aid Instagram serve your posts to users who are relevant.

In their most simple function the hashtags you select will power the search results you see on the Instagram Explore page:

However, it doesn't stop there. Hashtags can also be used as a source of information for Instagram's algorithm. Instagram algorithm, so it is able to categorize your content and recommend that it be shown to users it believes are likely to have an interest.

Then... What do you think? Hashtags still work On Instagram in 2022?

Hashtags are always at the heart of much debate with Instagram, especially after their recent recommendation to only use between 3 and 5 hashtags (more on that later).

As Instagram slowly shifts toward keywords that are semantic, it opens up the possibility of a whole new world in terms of content discoverability. This means that the words you use in your captions or topics within your videos will soon be searchable, too.

In spite of these massive advances, hashtags continue to work on Instagram. When paired with a solid content strategy, they could provide incredible results.

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The Top 50 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for 2022

Utilizing popular hashtags isn't always the most effective method to get more people to engage with your stories and posts, as they're less likely to be noticed.

The number of hashtags on Instagram should you use For Your Posts?

As we've mentioned, Instagram recently advised that users should utilize between 3 and 5 hashtags in their posts, even though they allow up to 30 per post.

This is contrary to what we've previously heard about how hashtags work on Instagram, but based on their new focus on SEO and keywords this could (kind kind of) appear to be logical.

Instagram is now introducing more "suggested" content feeds, such as Instagram Reels, for instance. Instagram Reels tab, for example. In order to deliver recommended content that is truly considered to be a "good match," Instagram needs to be able to categorize it accurately. it. The theory? Fewer hashtags = more accurate self-categorization.

To test this theory, Later looked at 18M+ Instagram feed posts by comparing the number of hashtags that were used per post and average rate of reach.

Like you see in the picture, more hashtags will yield more results. The rate of reach increases by 11% (from 24 percentage to 35%) because the number hashtags grows from one to 30.

To put it in perspective To put it in perspective, for a post with 20K followers there's an additional 2.2K accounts reached per post.

We also looked into whether this trend had changed from 2020 to 2019, but our results were fairly consistent.

So what hashtags should you use on Instagram? For now the use of more hashtags is the best method for increasing your reach and engagement in Instagram content feeds. But in the future, when Instagram introduces more "suggested" feeds of content and more hashtags, focusing on less relevant hashtags is a tactic worth testing.

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What are the different types of Instagram Hashtags?

Before you choose hashtags for your posts it's best to take a look at the various kinds of hashtags you could use.

This will make sure you're covering all bases by using hashtags in your strategy.

There are five primary hashtag types to be considered:

  • Location-based hashtags like #BryantPark or #LowerEastSide.

  • Branded hashtags for campaigns or events, like #Later and #LaterCon.

Industry hashtags that explain your industry, such as #SocialMediaManagers or #WeddingPlanners.

The hashtags are designed to bring your community closer such as #VanLifeLiving and #IAmASweatyBetty

  • Descriptive hashtags which describe the content of your actual blog post, such as #WoodwickCandles, or #SheaButterProducts

There's not a secret formula for the number hashtag you need to include however keeping the various types in mind can provide useful ideas and guide your strategy.

What are the advantages of using Hashtags on Instagram

Utilizing relevant, targeted hashtags on your posts and stories is among the most effective ways of getting noticed by new users on Instagram.

Utilizing using the "right" hashtags can get you right in front of your desired audience, even if they've not connected with you before.

This can translate into more participation, followers, in turn, more patrons for your business or brand!

But that's not all. Hashtags also have many ways to increase your visibility. They can be used to aid in community-building, sourcing user-generated content (UGC) or creating campaigns, researching your audience and more.

That's why it's so important to create a clear and well-crafted hashtag strategywithout it, you could be missing the opportunity to maximize your account and increase engagement.

For example, look over Later's Instagram post announcing our most recent modification:

We employ hyper-relevant hashtags such as #smallbiztools, #linkinbio and #linkinbiotool to ensure that visitors are able to easily locate our website's content if they're the lookout for a link to our bio tool.

Hashtags can help users discover your content, increasing the likelihood of people liking it shares, comments, and saves!

How to Find Trending Instagram Hashtags to use in your Content Strategy

Later's data report shows that the addition of 20-30 hashtags to your Instagram post is the best method of increasing your reach and engagement rates.

How do you discover the right hashtags for every post? Here are three strategies that you can employ:

Tactic #1: Use a Hashtag Suggestion Tool like Later

Later's Hashtag Suggestion tool is an easy way of finding hashtags in relation to the content of your post and similar hashtags in your field.

To make use of it, simply type a hashtag into the tool's search barand then hit "Suggest," and it'll instantly generate new hashtags, classified by relevancy

  1. Conduct Research using Instagram Explore Page Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore section is a great source of inspiration for your Instagram hashtag strategies.

For the best results seek out keywords that are relevant to your company's brand or content and also check results that are ranked "Top" result.

The posts appear to be getting good results with the Instagram algorithm. Take note of the various hashtags used and consider whether they are appropriate for your content.

Technique #3: Check Instagram Hashtag Activity Using the Instagram Tag Search Tool

In the quest to find the best hashtags, post volume is a vital metric.

If a hashtag has been used on millions of posts, the odds are that your post will get drowned out amongst the masses.

However in the event that a hashtag has a couple hundred posts, then it's likely there isn't anyone searching for it on Instagram's Instagram Explore tab. To get a good middle ground look for hashtags that have between 10K and 200K posts.

To check a hashtag's post volume, head to Instagram's tag search function on the Explore Page.

It is a good way to check your hashtags. It can be a source of inspiration. For instance, you could discover a more niche hashtag that starts with the same keyword, but is more successful in terms of the number of posts.

Should you use Hashtags on Instagram in the Comment or Caption Section?

Instagram has proven that hashtags work for both your caption as well as the comments section . It's entirely up to you on where you'd like to use them.

It's worthwhile to think about timeliness though. If you're manually posting hashtags to the comments section, you'll need to start this process immediately after your article has been published.

TIP: If you're using After's Instagram tool for scheduling, then you can plan the First Comment to go live at the exact with your posting.

This is a great way to keep your caption's aesthetic clear, and still benefit from the extra benefit of exposure from a well-planned hashtag strategy.

Its First Comment tool lets you program a comment to go live exactly at the same date and time as your post. available on every paid plan.

How Can Hashtags Be Utilized to Increase Likes On Instagram

If you have the correct Instagram hashtag strategy, you'll be able to simply reach more people- but the right people for your brand or company.

Learn about people who are likely to be engaged by your content.

Utilizing 20-30 hashtags that are relevant to your post will help your posts show up in more result pages on the app, which increases the probability of comments and likes.

Take Sweaty Betty, an empowering fitness brand whose consumers is women who have a passion for fitness.

The account makes use of the search-driven hashtag, #GlobalRunningDay to generate followers, and a brand-name hashtag that is #iamasweatybetty in order to create the feeling of community and unity:

It has over 2.5K likes (and quite a lively and chatty comments section! ), these niche hashtags are ideal for building an online community of fellow runner aficionados and encouraging users to use their hearts!

Being intentional and using hashtags that your target people are actively searching for can increase your exposure and like count. It's an all-win situation.

How to Make Time Your Instagram Hashtag Methodology

Finding 20-30 hashtags that are fresh for every post you share is time-consuming, however, there are ways to make the process more efficient.

One option is to make the lists with 20-30 hashtags, which are in alignment with your main themes for your content and then edit and incorporate into each article.

With Later's free Instagram calendaring tools you can build "Saved Captions" that contain your own lists of hashtags.

They can be added in a caption for your post (and modify them) by tapping two times!

How to Build an Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy With Analytics

The best way to build the hashtags strategy?

Establishing a solid foundation. Once you've found the hashtags that you'd like to use, it's important to start testing them and digging into your analysis.

The analysis of the performance on your social media hashtags are a great method to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts and allows you to improve your strategy over time.

By using Later's Analytics tools, you'll have the ability to get the most relevant information on your hashtags, including an analysis of which hashtags are driving the most likes comments, likes, saves and reach on Instagram posts. Instagram posts.

It automatically compares the hashtags you've used with the post's performance over time - giving you an overview of what's working, as well as what's not, for your account.

Hashtags are a fantastic means to reach out to new audiences and increase the size of your profile, but it requires time and effort to get effects.

Whether you use 10 or 30, a consistent hashtag strategy remains an effective routes for growth on Instagram.