Find more Instagram followers by following these 10 steps to increase your following.

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Instagram has grown to become the foundation of many brands' social presence which is driving lucrative traffic to blogs, increasing conversions, and building an active audience.

If your Instagram presence isn't quite as strong as you'd like perhaps it's time to learn how enhance your strategies for getting real, genuine followers on Instagram. The more followers you have and the greater opportunities you'll have to interact with users and create unique experiences for them.

A natural distinction can be essential Sometimes, brands choose shortcuts in order to gain more Instagram followers. Pay-per-like and follower sites are everywhere However, these shortcuts are not worth the effort since the Instagram algorithm is frequently modified to eliminate accounts that are paid for, with poor quality and interactions.

And, of course the amount of followers you have of followers you have on your Instagram following doesn't mean much in the absence of an active, engaged fan community who purchases, browses your landing pages, and is a spokesperson for your brands with acquaintances and fans. Start building your presence up correctly with these suggestions for gaining more Instagram followers.

10 Tips to Increase Instagram followers

  1. Optimize your Instagram blog or account

Before you set out figuring out the best way to increase followers on Instagram, one essential step is to have your account completely optimized. Imagine your brand's Instagram bio like the "homepage" for your account.

Without a bio, image captions, or a properly-designed username or profile picture, how can people tell that the account belongs to your brand? It might seem obvious, however on Instagram your bio and photo help form the foundations of your brand's image. The bio link is the best place to increase Instagram traffic to your site So optimizing your Instagram account is vital.

If you're not sure where to link, you can try your product or marketing pages which correspond to specific keywords, hashtags, or campaigns on the Instagram account. Linking to your homepage is fine- but why not offer users an unifying experience when moving from your bio page to a site? This is the reason for the growing popularity of IG page landing pages for links that host relevant links to the last few items of content that are mentioned in a feed for a brand, along with "link in bio" posts that guide people to these sites.

Make sure that your username is as search-friendly as you can this usually means sticking close to your actual brand name. If your business name is lengthy, reduce it to something your audience will recognize. Do not add numbers or special characters to your username. If you are able, ensure it is consistent with the other social media handles you already have.

The best method to maximize your Instagram account is to design and follow an Instagram marketing plan. More information is available on Stack-writer.

  1. Keep a consistent content calendar

The worst thing you can do to gain users for Instagram is to share content on a whim, with no plan times. If you're fortunate enough to have people following you from the beginning, you don't want to cause them to forget they followed you in the first place.

To prevent this from happening, stick to a regular posting schedule. Typically, brands shouldn't post more than a few times every day to avoid being spammed however whatever the frequency maintain it. There are around 200 million Instagram users use the app every day to browse the broad, you should try posting a few times during the day.

In the actuality, our own study on the most optimal times to post to Instagram has identified the best times to publish for a variety of industries. You can follow our research of the most effective times for every topic below:

The habit of sticking to a plan helps you to create a consistent experience for your followers and keep them on the radar of your brand. But if you're wondering how you're going to remember to update your content at different time slots throughout the day We've got your back with Sprout's scheduling and optimal time features. Read on for more details.

  1. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Although you may find that Instagram algorithm has changed to show users the most interesting content however, posting at the proper time can give your posts greater visibility, increasing the overall engagement they receive.

There are many things your company can do to raise awareness, and now, with Sprout Social, scheduling Instagram content is just one. With our most recent tools, we'll help your brand plan content with an easy process.

By scheduling content ahead of time the entire team will be able to see campaigns and schedules more efficiently. It's always wise to roll your content prior to when you need it and using Instagram's Instagram scheduling tools, you can connect with your followers and keep a regular content at the same time.

Additionally, you can use Sprout's patent-pending ViralPost feature to let us handle the task for you. ViralPost analyzes your account's engagement data and helps you determine the optimal times for you to publish your content using algorithms.

Perfect your Instagram content plan using Sprout Social

In addition to scheduling a complete picture of your Instagram content calendar, Sprout offers even more tools to improve your company's feed.

Create IG-approved graphics with your team via our Asset Library, or test out our Grid preview tool to make sure all of your online presence matches your brand design.

Take a look at these features, and more, with 30 days of a free trial of Sprout.

  1. Get partners and brand advocates to share your content

If you're trying to figure out how to increase the number of Instagram followers, it's essential to be aware of the value of your following. The larger your follower count grows (organically) the more buyers and interested customers you will attract.

The best method of getting customers to follow you is to get there and stay active. It is essential to be active on your personal Instagram along with other accounts. Try sponsoring user-generated content in order to make your brand visible in users' feeds. It is also possible to hold Instagram contests to get your brand's name in the feeds of customers.

out to a larger to a wider. These types of campaigns build social proof by showing your fans that they are invested enough to either share your content on social media or create your own UGC.

Another approach is to get your brand in front of a much more broader group of people. It is a good idea to join larger Instagram accounts in your industry including notable influencers in your field, and share your content to their followers.

Just make sure you're providing something worth your time. The final thing you want to do is seem overly salesy. Look for marketing collaborations and co-marketing plans with other companies to increase your reach on Instagram.

  1. Beware of false Instagram followers. Avoid fake Instagram

There's a big distinction from an Instagram account that is fake and legitimate followers. It may be appealing to just buy Instagram followers but the negative impact is far greater than the perks of organic growth in followers.

The fake Instagram followers are more likely to:

  • Deceive new followers: If users come to an inactive Instagram feed that has tens of millions of users, it can reduce the credibility of the account. Be careful not to trick people into following your account. Build trust and long-lasting relationships to increase engagement.

  • Do not generate any revenue It's possible to buy followers, but your bot that you bought or new followers won't buy anything. People follow brands on Instagram because they like what you're posting or your company as a whole. They are real spenders and can be a significant source of revenue for your business.

There is a lack of buzz. In the event that you've got 10,000 fake fans, what number of them going to be able to leave comments, like and share your content? The more likely it is that these fake or bot accounts will be cleared by Instagram or deleted, making your posts seem like engagement graveyards.

Real people have the ability to like, share, comment and respond to images on your account. In addition, they enjoy being able to see someone on the other side responding.

For instance, Lush Cosmetics takes the time to respond to various product questions, which results in the customers coming back to follow, or sharing with others. These interactions will always have greater value than a collection of followers who are not active.

  1. Showcase your Instagram all over the world.

How will people discover your account if you don't promote your Instagram account? Make sure your Instagram account is listed with your website and various other platforms.

In order to increase visibility and make yourself known, it is one of the best methods of getting noticed. If you're determined to grow your following on Instagram, let people know where to find you. You could include social media buttons on your website or blog to help promote social shares across all your platforms as well as show people where to find you on Instagram.

Another great idea is to cross-promote across your social media accounts. There is an example of this: the Museum of Modern Art regularly announces the existence of its Instagram via Twitter. You can leverage your other social media platforms to guide viewers to the Instagram.

However, make sure that you're not just asking for followers. Instead, you should create unique content on your Instagram to give users an incentive to follow you on Instagram. With Instagram adding a ton of new video content and features such as Stories, IGTV and Reels There is a fantastic chance to increase your followers with innovative content.

  1. Post content users want

While it's easier said than done it's important to know what content your followers want to view. You'll notice on Instagram that some content performs better than other content. This is why testing is so important.

It doesn't matter if it's captions, filters as well as content types or posting times, the tiniest small thing can make all the difference. Keep an eye on the ground for new Instagram trends so you know you're posting content that's popular.

If you want to push your study one more advanced level, you organization is advised to purchase Instagram Analytics tools. This will allow you to measure, benchmark, and evaluate Instagram content across different accounts.

You can be confident in your content strategy by studying different filters, captions and more to determine what resonates best with your viewers. If you're not sure where to start, try analyzing your competition.

It's not a good idea to directly copy your competition, but it's wise to make notes about their activities or posting that drives engagement. A little competitive research will go a long ways. Use the report on Instagram Competitors report to get a look at what's working for other brands within your industry.

  1. Begin the conversation

One of the most effective methods of making users to be aware of Instagram is through conversations. According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, consumers are more likely to interact with visual content like photos (68 percent) and videos (50 50 percent) and are followed by 30% who prefer to engage with texts. Instagram is the ideal fit for this type of profile which combines captivating images with captions that are equally engaging if you perfect your Instagram caption copywriting skills.

People are continuing to utilize social media as a primary source for brands in a variety of ways, including off-the-cuff chats and questions, serious customer care queries, or even to express their appreciation for their favorite brands and products. In order to be successful in your business you have to be supportive and communicative on Instagram.

Try to respond to as many questions or comments as you can, since it could mean the difference between getting an additional customer, following or strengthening your relationship with your audience. Our Index study also showed that 89% of users will purchase from a company when they follow a brand on social media, so it's important to earn the respect and loyalty required to convert a visitor to your profile into followers.

  1. Find hashtags that convert

One of the most tried and tested methods of gaining followers on Instagram is through hashtags. Since the beginning, hashtags have served as a crucial tool for discovery and allowed us to expand our social reach. As marketer, you need to build your community through gaining followers. And hashtags can help you do that.

To begin, you must find hashtags that aren't too filled with users. Social Media Examiner points this idea out in detail by explaining how the hashtag #love has over 184 million photos associated with it. Trying to highlight your Instagram content among the sea of millions of photos and videos isn't something you can do easily.

You have to find hashtags that your target audience are more likely to visit. If a suitable connection occurs, these people are much more inclined to check out your account. Unique hashtags, such as branded hashtags, are one method of grouping posts around relevant content for your company and its campaigns.

For example, M&Ms does a great job of focusing hashtags on an event at which they are actively participating. By using hashtags like #mmspotlight, the company can target its target audience in a more direct manner when the concert's spotlight event takes place and also creates awareness.

Understanding the performance of your hashtags on Instagram is also just as important to use hashtags effectively. With the tools for analyzing hashtags from Sprout Social provide direct access to hashtag performance and usage statistics to determine which hashtags are performing best.

Don't blindly enter the world of hashtags, you need to know the hashtags you're using so that you can establish your own following.

  1. Your Instagram followers smile

The last but not least is that when you make your followers on Instagram satisfied, you will get the benefit of increasing your followers. We've given you plenty of tips for brainstorming and planning content, so put them to use in a manner that feels real to your brand's voice. This means, stay clear of appearing smug, sales-driven or robotic.

For most accounts, this means sprinkling in posts that are genuine and designed to bring smile to the faces of your followers and build customer relationships. Be sure to give content to your followers as if they were your friends on your personal feed: it could be posting images, inspiring content or even re-sharing some interesting images or art (all legally credited, of course) that can give your followers a little energy boost throughout the day.